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For anyone that hasn't been or debating, you must have a late dinner at Bonito - the most satisfying and memorable meal of our recent visit.

For no reason, we had stayed away from this place our 2 prior annual visits (this is only Bonito's 3rd year in existence) but decided to give it a try this time around. Last Friday night went something like this - 9pm - glorious view of Gustavia, amazing service (can't remember her name but she's a great spunky gal, short, dark hair - fantastically French!), "Porn Star" martinis with shots of champgagne, tried numerous tiraditos (my favorite was the one done in a thai style), Langouste wok with chorizo (I'm salivating now), and their french toast style dessert with pistachio ice cream.

A fantastic experience overall. I felt as though I was at dining at someone's home. *****

A quick run-down on other restaurants and thoughts:

Wall House - twice - still fantastic, and the white look is dramatic and clean at night with the harbor at your side.

On The Rock - first time there...very good and the ambiance took me by surprise. I was expecting a quiet, romantic space but rather found it lively, cool and energetic complete with awesome music and bar.

Maya's - this place is a toss up for us but this year had a simple but perfectly executed Mahi. Light rain made it a special evening. And thanks for the good table!

L'Isola - not much to say other than we love this place. It was packed with Americans, New Yorkers. The live crab spaghetti was a real treat that night. We'd previously found the service a bit pushy but not so on this evening.

Two lunches at Isle de France - in our minds, the best beach-side lunch experience on the island. You can't go wrong here.

BAZ Bar - fun, great music. Try Malia's special if you like Eel.

Andy's, Harbour's, Le 88...we can't complain.

BUT BACK TO BONITO...this was superb.


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I'm with you on that. This was our least favorite...quite bland to be honest. We justified the evening with the good service. And the music was good. Not quite Ibiza, but oh well.


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They are. And I learned the difference between ceviche and tiraditos is all in the preparation. Ceviche is cubed and tiraditos are sliced.

Cocktails there would be fun...on the center sofa maybe??? Plan to have dinner afterwards.


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Great sunset views.



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There was a group gathering on the day of my arrival a trip or so ago at Bonito on that very sofa! On the same trip I did a solo sunset watch with a glass (or two) of champagne on the banquet that hugs the exterior wall. Both times the experience was just delightful!

Quick question: what is a tiradito?