A nice drop of white Burgundy


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The teeth of the dog!



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I haven't tried that one, which isn't surprising given the small size (<1ha) of the vineyard.


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Love that night shot with the lit balcony with flags-the floor we stayed on which we had a room.

Youn have brought back GREAT memories of our visit to that Inn

Bart -my real name-

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This was from the Washington Post's restaurant chat as a follow up to a question a few weeks ago. A single woman wrote in asking about eating at the Inn as a single woman - - could she do it? would it be weird or awkward? Etc.

Another single woman wrote in asking the same question, and if she could be hooked up with the first woman so they could go together. Apparently, the food critic got lots of these requests and a little group formed. This is the post from one of the women about their (first) outing. Pretty cool.

Q: Group Dinner, Inn at Little Washington
Hi Tom. Just wanted to report back on our first group dinner at the Inn at Little Washington. Through your chat, about 20 of us have connected, and 5 of us enjoyed our first ever dinner at the Inn on Friday, August 14. "Enjoyed" is an understatement. Chef Patrick O'Connell and everyone on his staff treated us like royalty. They surprised us by seating us at a table in the kitchen, a rare treat as you know. Chris Castle took care of us, and he was an absolute joy. We expected the food to be incredible, and of course it was. What's harder to convey is the very special atmosphere created by the staff. It was fun, entertaining, whimsical, and somehow they made us feel completely at home and relaxed. There was no detail left unattended. They even knew my name when I pulled up for valet parking, without me having to introduce myself. The level of coordination and communication taking place behind the scenes must be staggering, but they somehow make it seem effortless. It was a magical evening, and we were all completely enchanted by the staff, the food, and the entire experience. There's another group of us going in October, and I'm thrilled that I'll be joining that group as well. If a trip to the Inn is a bucket list item for any of your other readers, my advice is to go. Go immediately. Many thanks to you and to Becky Krystal for being willing to connect us all.

A: Tom Sietsema

I'm thrilled to read this -- and not the least bit surprised that the Inn at Little Washington did such a superb job of making your singles' event a night to remember.