A call to become involved in the island through your neighborhood


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Become a referent
During its last meeting, the territorial council adopted the Charter of neighborhood referents

The community appeals to citizens wishing to invest in order to become a neighborhood referent
Being a neighborhood referent what means what
Is to get involved in the life of his neighborhood, to work in the inter -acate general
of his Quartier


For all ages over the age of 18 who wish to get involved in the lives of their quarry

To create more proximity, give more speech to the population, to bring up the problems and expectations of the inhabitants of the ditter districts, to energize the life of its neighborhood


• Coordinate public meetings between residents related to elected officials.
• Transmit non-nominative information col-lectures to residents and elected officials on themes specific to its neighborhood.
• Mobilize the inhabitants during punctual or important events taking place in its neighborhood.
Consult and inform the population on projects concerning their neighborhood.

Do not hesitate and send your file by email before Monday March 6, 2023:
By sending an application
to the collectivity comprising:
a cover letter,
Or by mail to:
A residence arrestarion
Community hotel
and an invoice of less than 3 months
Elected secretariat - Gustavia
indicating his address
97133 St-Barthélemy


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So is this like Nextdoor for St. Barth’s?

Hopefully they have advanced past that. My local feed is full of people lamenting their car was ramsacked after they left it unlocked. Some decry thieves who steal their cars and purses when they leave the key fob (and purse) in the unlocked vehicle.


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The quartiers defined is interesting. Didn’t really have a grasp of the size of the neighborhoods, petit et grand.