2023 musings.


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From our 32nd trip to our favorite island…my typing is limited due to the fact that I have sliced my finger which required 8 deep stitches. One finger typing…i will report more as my finger heals. The weather, food, service and friends were just spectacular this go around. Scooters… I do not care if you drive up my tush…please do not crash. Can you at least put on some type of converter so I do not have to smell the fumes? More to come
Sorry to hear you were injured and it sounds serious. Wishing you quick healing.

Oh, was Cherylin any way involved in this mishap?Kitchen incident?
Our favorite host for beach chairs. Merci Jean Michele for your 14 day courtesy. (One finger typing)
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The above pics continue our musings from 2023. These were the views on our first day in paradise. As my father in law would say…”not bad.”


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