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Thread: SXM PCR test now 5 days out

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    Re: SXM PCR test now 5 days out

    No kidding. And I say that with all the sarcasm I can muster. We literally just cancelled our November Jetblue flights into SXM yesterday. Not that the new SXM regulations help with getting to SBH. Wonder if they will follow, and if so, how soon? My frustration is becoming a slow burn.

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    Re: SXM PCR test now 5 days out

    I felt the same and said IF ST MARTIN IS FIVE DAYS, CAN ST BARTHS BE FAR BEHIND? Now I Have to watch and see and remain still hopeful!
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    Re: SXM PCR test now 5 days out

    Seems there is a little push back on travel PCR test in the Métropole

    Screen Shot 2020-09-16 at 4.48.09 PM.jpg


    by V.A 09/16/2020
    One million PCR tests per week in France: the target set by Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, has been reached. The other side of the coin is the delays in getting results. In some cities in France, laboratories are stormed by thousands of candidates with a swab in the nose. And now the results are not delivered for five or even seven days.

    So if you are positive, you have time to infect people, unless you respect strict isolation. The government has therefore decided to list audiences who will be priority.

    These are symptomatic cases, healthcare workers and contact cases. The problem for French overseas travelers is that travelers departing from the mainland (or elsewhere) must present a test on boarding, with sampling and results taken within the previous 72 hours. Almost impossible for those who come from saturated areas.

    A rapid test area has therefore been set up at the airport in Paris, but there too, if you do not arrive early enough, the plane will take off without you, because it is crowded. The ticket amount will fly away with it. MEPs from Reunion and Martinique asked Olivier Véran about this on Tuesday, describing the difficulty of some overseas people to simply return home. They did not receive the expected response:

    “There are priorities in access to the test. The main objective is to curb the epidemic. I'm not going to ask symptomatic patients, contact cases, or doctors to have to leave their place in testing labs so that people who have to fly can do it. I'm not telling you that the situation is satisfactory, but we are prioritizing the fight against the epidemic. "
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