Just a little update on how I am getting used to the new usa. the flight to puerto rico from st. barths was very nice, smooth ride. One of the reps from tradewind airlines escorted me and two others ( a & P) all the way to delta airlines for our next flight. I had lunch at the margaritaville restaurant inside the terminal, the food was good.

I flew first class from puerto rico to baltimore, I had one layover in atlanta. One new thing, there are no options for food service available on the plane, a snack box and water are provided, I could have opted for a beer, but water was fine. I was able to board first as delta does not have zones now, if you are not in first class, then the main cabin is boarded from the back to front, I think they used to do this years ago. Masks are required for the entire trip and in the terminal of course. this was all new to me but I have adjusted to the new flying rules, not a big deal.

I had dinner in atlanta at the food court, while standing in line, I noticed a lot of tension with people waiting in line in front of me. One fellow was very rude to the people that were waiting behind him, he had decided that 6 feet of space was not enough for him, he said he needed 12 feet and seemed very angry that people behind him were getting too close. I found this quite odd.

I had decided to stay at a hotel when I arrived in baltimore. The hotel is in the 4 star category, and I had stayed at this hotel before. When I called to get a shuttle, I was informed that the shuttle stops running at 10 now. Not a problem, I grabbed a taxi. When I arrived at the hotel, a smooth check in. I am planning on staying at the hotel until tuesday, before I begin my stay with friends and family. After checking in, I was made aware that there is no longer any housekeeping during a stay at the hotel. If you want your trash picked up, you would call the front desk, if I want more towels, one must call the front desk and request more. The restaurant in the hotel does not open until dinner. I normally get breakfast and have room service the first morning of my stay, not anymore. I feel very bad for the hotels here as the desk clerk said that when someone checks out of a room, they cannot rent the room again for 48 hours after cleaning the room.

After being in st. barths for so long after the covid breakout, everything is very much back to normal in st. barths, I am getting quite the surprise here in the states.