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Thread: Storm update-7/29

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    Storm update-7/29

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    Re: Storm update-7/29

    Toiny just now by a famous chef

    The Marius 100th Birthday Party Memorial -- June 5, 2023

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    Re: Storm update-7/29

    From FB, translation by Google, with a few measurement notes added

    COMSTBARTH informs you:

    Vigilance Monitoring Bulletin n ° 5 for the Northern Islands (Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy)

    Start of event: in progress.
    Estimated end of event: Thursday July 30, 2020 at 12 noon local.

    Current situation
    Tropical system n ° 9 (ex-tropical wave n ° 21), the pseudo-center of which crossed the Antillean Arc this morning, continues its course towards the west-north-west, at about 37 km / h. Its northern part which has approached St-Martin and St-Barthélémy is very active. It generates numerous showers sometimes accompanied by thunderstorms. [37km/h = 23 mph]

    Rain: Generally brief but frequent precipitation is expected this afternoon and into the evening. They can be accompanied by thunderstorms and give rise to temporary flooding. The rain declines during the next night.

    Wind: the wind blows strong from east-southeast of 50 to 60 km / h on average with gusts of 90 to 110 km / h. It gradually eases over the next night. [50 - 60 km/h = 31 - 37 mph, 90 - 100 km/h = 56-62 mph]

    Sea: the sea is very rough and choppy, the north-easterly swell crossing the sea from the east-south-easterly wind. Average hollows reach 4 to 5m. Very strong waves are expected on the exposed shores, causing in places submersions of the lower parts of the coast. The moorings of boats are likely to skid. Start of depreciation during the next night.

    Observed data
    Average wind measured between 50 and 60 km / h. [50 - 60 km/h = 31 - 37 mph]
    Gusts measured at 105 km / h at Gustavia, 86 km / h at Grand-Case. [105 km/h = 65 mph, 86 km/h = 53 mph]
    Rainfall: up to 28 mm in 3 hours in Gustavia, 4 mm in Grand-Case. [28mm = 1.1", 4mm = .16"]

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    Re: Storm update-7/29

    Report from Marigot Bay, SBH: Some wind, though not monumental, in the early morning (6:30 - 7). Since then, frequent rain showers . . . sometimes heavy, but rarely of long duration. I’ve spent most of my day at our dining table, looking onto Vitet, the Bay, & Mont Jean. Doing a little work for “the day job” . . . listening to music . . . enjoying a delicious, great big salad, with some Chateau Minuty “Rose et Or” . . . and generally watching the falling rain. It’s tres tranquil! Now comes nap time. What’s not to like?


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