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Thread: Rule Number 1

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    Rule Number 1

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    Re: Rule Number 1

    Funny. However the world has seen much worse than this in the past.

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    Re: Rule Number 1

    3 photos connected to 1955, the year Marty McFly traveled to in the first movie:

    The stories associated with photo 1 (more graphic here), photo 2, and photo 3.

    In the year (1985) that Marty traveled back from, the person in photo 3 said "in recent years I find that perhaps what I'm seeking is a scientific basis for hope, and I think I've found it".

    Marty might have heard this being played very loudly (on vinyl or maybe even tape) on a late night stopoff about halfway between (1970).... but perhaps best to not go there and just recollect those halcyon days...


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