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Thread: A fast tour of Paris!

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    Re: A fast tour of Paris!

    Alex Roy, best known for his US transcontinental Cannonball Run of 31 hours 4 minutes, recreated and dissected the Paris ride in this video. Both he and Leno (in the video PeterLynn posted), note that Lelouch's Paris video has been an inspiration to many and Leno says every major city must have a great race course in its roads.

    Here is some inspired cowboy, who sought out such a course on the island, tearing through the roads from Grand Fond to Lurin via Lorient in a bit over 13 minutes...

    Here is a version of Un Homme et Une Femme from a French saxophonist (included on a personal favorite album always on the SBH playlist) that might be a good way of coming down from that tour de l'île au lever du soleil...

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    Re: A fast tour of Paris!

    The Marius 100th Birthday Party -- June 5, 2023

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    Re: A fast tour of Paris!

    *Fast forward* to current Formula 1 news, where the famed Monaco Grand Prix was scheduled to take place this weekend in Monte Carlo. Roads closed, open wheel F1 cars screaming around the tight, twisty and treacherous Monaco streets. The race is now cancelled for 2020 due to the pandemic.

    Sunday morning film maker Claude Lelouch will film a sort of a remake of "C'etait..." with Ferrari F1 star (and Monaco resident) Charles Leclerc at the wheel. Can't wait to watch what they come up with. Charles is a great young driver, but it'll be hard to match the original.

    Monaco is deprived this year of its prestigious F1 Grand Prix, but Charles Leclerc will nevertheless take to the streets of the Principality early on Sunday morning, albeit under the orders of famed film director Claude Lelouch.Lelouch's distinguished career includes the acclaimed classic 1966 film 'A Man and a Woman', notable for the racing background of one of its main characters played by actor Jean-Louis Trintignant, the nephew of two-time Monaco GP winner Maurice Trintignant.

    But Lelouch's body of work also includes the epic short film 'C'était un Rendez-vous' which depicts a driver's 8-minute mad dash from Paris' Porte Dauphine to Montmartre, a sequence entirely shot in a single take in the early hours of the morning with an onboard view and supported by the roaring sound of a Ferrari 275 GTB rushing past many of the beautiful city's landmark sites.
    The French director and cinematographer will attempt a Monegasque remake of the latter - called 'Le Grand Rendez-vous' - during which Leclerc will rush a Ferrari road car fitted with cameras around Monaco's closed course.There will be no Grand Prix in Monte Carlo this weekend and no Cannes film Festival, but Leclerc and Lelouch will bring the two together for a brief moment on Sunday morning.

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    Re: A fast tour of Paris!

    Izzy: Excellent research tieing all the disparate elemets of this entertaining thread together. That tour of SB may be as close as I'll ever come to seeing the island if my SBC and lodging vouchers expire before a vaccine for Covid - 19 arrives. Wondering if that video depicts the current state of SB roads? Yikes!!

    Lucky Kid: Any idea where the Lelouch Monaco film can be seen this weekend?

    And that other racing bookend for Memorial Day weekend - the Indy 500 - is cancelled as well. Watching both can make for an entertaining auto racing marathon, particularly if friendly wagers are placed. Unless, of course, Monaco turns out to be a tedious competition of tires, an in a "whose-tires-will-go-the-distance" cliffhanger, as it did last year. Fortunately, the last 20 minutes of Indy 500 2019 made up for it. That was real racing!!

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    Re: A fast tour of Paris!

    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyKid View Post
    ....during which Leclerc will rush a Ferrari road car fitted with cameras around Monaco's closed course...
    At least, the tour in Monaco will be with roads closed, no red lights or people on the sidewalks. Much safer. Lelouch got wiser also, different times...

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    Re: A fast tour of Paris!

    Claude Lelouch: "La vitesse est le symbole de ma vie."


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