My stepfather who is 82 lives in an assisted living facility, he has been there for the last 4 years. He likes it there. He goes out of his room to get his haircut, two doors down from his room once a month, but refuses to go to the dining area, ( he says all the women keep bothering him as he is single) he gets his food delivered 3 times a day to his room. other than that he stays in his room and watches television. I called to see how he was coping yesterday with the coronavirus threat. He says nothing has changed, he is used to being alone and not going out, so this is his normal.

A lady who lives down the street in flamands walks to the store each morning, the only time that I see her out of her house. This too is her normal, so nothing has changed for her with all the restrictions now on the island.

I have been painting my terrace, I had paint left over and was putting it off till I had time, I now have time.

Now this is my new normal, I am getting used to only going out for exercise for an hour in the mornings and perhaps to the store every couple of days.