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Thread: SXM- is it closed yet?

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    SXM- is it closed yet?

    Does anyone know if the SXM airport is closed yet? Or when proposed SXM closure day? My daughters tix are with Delta but they seemed to think SXM was still open as of today and would not refund her tix( Apr 9) She wants refund not credit. My AA tix were cancelled with ease earlier.
    I do know SBH is closed, but of course Delta cares only about their end point destination.
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    Re: SXM- is it closed yet?

    There is no good answer to your question right now.

    As of the time when scheduled service was suspended, passengers who had been in the US (and a list of other countries) within the previous 21 days were not permitted to enter Sint Maarten.

    At present, the only flights operating into SXM are recovery flights. No inbound passengers are permitted, including residents. There is a Delta aircraft on the ground right now.

    Sunday, March 22 was the last day for residents to arrive. No flights, even for residents, will be available for at least 2 weeks from that date.

    It's too soon to tell what will happen with the April 9 flight. The airport may reopen to scheduled service, or it may not. There may or may not be restrictions on passengers from the US.

    As a general rule of thumb, which may not apply today, if you choose to cancel or change your flight then the best you can hope for is a credit, but if the airline cancels your flight then you can get a refund. That is what AA appears to be doing. JetBlue appears to be only giving credits. I don't know what DL is doing today, or what they might do closer to the travel date. The best that I can suggest is to scour DL's website to see what changes they have made to their Change policy, and read their Contract of Carriage.

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    Re: SXM- is it closed yet?

    Thanks Kevin, good info.
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    Re: SXM- is it closed yet?

    if the usa lifts restrictions by easter, which is what I have heard may happen.

    then sxm may be closed even longer as neither sxm or sbh will take the chance of the coronavirus coming to the islands via the plane traffic or sea traffic.


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