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Thread: Thank you

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    Thank you

    I would like to thank everyone that has posted all the updates these last few weeks. Because of accurate information we could change our plans in time.
    We had to cut our vacation short this year but thankfully we were able to switch San Juan and use Tradewind.
    Sometimes this wonderful site is the only source for information and we so appreciate it. Being able to download the travel papers and read alerts translated to English made our decision for an early departure possible.
    We’ll be back for our 41 st year next year and hoping for a return to normalcy for all the islanders and visitors.
    However I will say it was a joy to have the beaches so quiet and so little traffic. Time warp back to the 80’s
    Stay well and thank you.
    A l’annee prochaine

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    Re: Thank you

    A kind post.

    Safe travels. Stay healthy. Nice meeting you in person. And yes, there is next year to look forward to somewhere down this bumpy road.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.


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