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Thread: Flight/Passenger Restrictions at SBH

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    Flight/Passenger Restrictions at SBH

    From Le Journal, English by Google Translate:


    Partout dans le monde, des restrictions sur les voyages aériens. Dans nos îles, seuls les voyages impondérables sont acceptés. A compter de ce jeudi 19 mars, les vols commerciaux arrivant à l’aéroport de Saint-Barthélemy sont réservés uniquement aux personnes voyageant pour des raisons sanitaires, des motifs familiaux impérieux et des déplacements professionnels impossibles à modifier. Ces dérogations doivent faire l’objet d’une déclaration sur l’honneur. A partir du 23 mars, même chose pour ceux qui veulent quitter l'île par avion. Saint-Barth Commuter a cessé tous ses vols hier, Winair continue mais ajuste ses horaires, à l’instar d’Air Antilles et de Tradewind. Les vols privés sont interdits.

    La France a fermé ses frontières, mais maintient la continuité territoriale au sein de son territoire. Les voyages entre les Antilles et la métropole sont donc autorisés, mais uniquement pour les impondérables. Les trajets sont interdits pour les voyageurs qui souhaitent faire du tourisme, participer à un mariage ou simplement rendre visite à des amis.
    Par ailleurs, les seules personnes autorisées à entrer à Saint-Martin, via Juliana comme via Grand Case, sont les résidents de l’île ou des îles alentours (Saint-Barth, Saba, Saint-Eustache, Bonaire, etc.). Il faudra pouvoir prouver son lieu de résidence. Les habitants des Antilles qui reviennent des Etats-Unis ou de l’Europe devront se confiner chez eux durant 14 jours, dès leur arrivée. Les étrangers n’entrent plus sur les îles, et ceux qui s’y trouvent encore sont encouragés à repartir. Par ailleurs les Européens sont interdits d’entrée dans de nombreux pays, notamment les Etats-Unis. Des aéroports complets se barricadent, comme à Anguilla, encore épargnée par le coronavirus. Les compagnies aériennes ont drastiquement réduit leur offre. Elles ont toutes proposé des conditions de vente assouplies pour que les clients puissent reporter leurs voyages.

    All over the world, restrictions on air travel. In our islands, only unforgettable trips are accepted.

    As of this Thursday, March 19, commercial flights arriving at Saint Barthélemy Airport are reserved only for people traveling for health reasons, compelling family reasons and business trips which cannot be changed. These derogations must be declared in honor. From March 23, the same goes for those who want to leave the island by plane. Saint Barth Commuter stopped all flights yesterday, Winair continues but adjusts its schedules, like Air Antilles and Tradewind. Private flights are prohibited.

    France has closed its borders, but maintains territorial continuity within its territory. Travel between the Antilles and the mainland is therefore authorized, but only for the intangible. The journeys are prohibited for travelers who wish to do tourism, participate in a wedding or simply visit friends.

    In addition, the only people authorized to enter Saint-Martin, via Juliana as via Grand Case, are residents of the island or surrounding islands (Saint-Barth, Saba, Saint-Eustache, Bonaire, etc.). You will have to be able to prove your place of residence. Residents of the West Indies who return from the United States or Europe will have to stay at home for 14 days, upon arrival. Foreigners no longer enter the islands, and those still there are encouraged to return. Europeans are also banned from entering many countries, including the United States. Complete airports are barricaded, as in Anguilla, still untouched by the coronavirus. The airlines have drastically reduced their offer. They all offered flexible terms of sale so that customers could postpone their trips.

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    Re: Flight/Passenger Restrictions at SBH

    Restrictions posted on Tradewind site...


    MARCH 18,2020

    The government of St Barth is restricting air service per the following deadlines.
    Passengers may travel to St Barth until March 19th at noon and depart St Barth through Sunday March 22, 2020. Passengers may not travel to St Barth after March 19th at noon or depart St Barth after Sunday March 22, 2020.
    Exceptions will be considered for under the following conditions:

    • Medical flights in conjunction with combatting the epidemic.
    • Reunification of immediate families members.
    • Medical flights on the advice of a physician.
    • Essential flights for professionals which cannot be deferred.

    This restriction is in place through April 15th
    Accordingly, Tradewind will cease operations of flights to and from St Barth after Sunday March 22nd. We plan to resume operations as soon as the restrictions are lifted.
    Should this affect your travel, please contact our office to review your options. You can either call 800-376-7922 or +1-203-267-3305, text+1- 203-405-9198, email

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    Re: Flight/Passenger Restrictions at SBH

    Our villa guests were scheduled to return next Saturday SBC/American out of Princess J.
    However, American, like others flew their last flight from there yesterday.
    They changed their return Charlotte to today and took Tradewind yesterday to SJU and spent the night in a hotel since all TW flights were booked today.
    TW told them to expect an additional hour to screen at immigration but when they arrived the airport terminal there was a "ghost town" feel and no additional screening.
    American and others are still flying out of SJU but that may close very soon they were told at check-in.
    Flamands Blue

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    Re: Flight/Passenger Restrictions at SBH

    Jeff, the Governor of PR has requested that the FAA stop all domestic and international flights in/out of PR. If/when that will be happen has not been disclosed. Your guests may not have gotten out "just in time", but it's good that they didn't dawdle. From everything that I'm seeing, waiting until 3/21 out of SXM*might* have been OK, but travel restrictions are changing often. Good on them for leaving early.


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