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Thread: Ouanalao and love

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    Ouanalao and love

    In a world that is becoming more uncivil, fast, anonymous...
    Ouanalao is time-
    to respect, to listen, to hear, to learn, to see, to try to understand, to mourn, to show appreciation, to be aware, to care, ...
    On this trip In Puerto Rico in the Tradewind lounge, a man Iíve never met coming from California tells me this is his favorite flight. He introduces his wife and shows me photos of his loved ones. Does this happen on a subway in NYC? At a McDonalds in a strip mall? It does at JoJoBurger.
    The owner of Le Caillou shared with me her love of the big lava rock.
    The tiny rustles of leaves in the bushes as the hermit crabs, lizards and maybe a turtle move about.
    Yesterday I watched a Fregate for four or so minutes soar in the sky.
    Watching a complete sunset and sunrise every day. Seeing the sun make its daily stroll appreciating its offering of warmth and comfort.
    A rainbow as I write this appears. Respect our world and its inhabitants -the water, the sky, the wind...
    The love of family demonstrated openly- Eddy says to me Marius is my father with pride. Malol smiles as she talks about Eddy.
    What doesnít one hear and see and feel here- the honking of horns, shouting of not nice things, having to always look all around you, the fear of others...
    Plates arenít cleared until the last bite is taken by all. Wine is poured in small amounts. It isnít about the economics of table turn. It is the enjoyment of life.
    Living, loving, learning take time. Rudeness doesnít require thought or consideration nor does it take time.
    People talk about their love for the island. I believe, maybe naively, that when we return to wherever we come from, Ouanalao has become nestled in a part of us and it is inherent in the island itself. That is why St. Barthelemy is so special.

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    Re: Ouanalao and love

    Safe travels Bill and Cathy and thanks for this thoughtful post.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: Ouanalao and love

    Wonderful great way to start my day. Thank you

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    Re: Ouanalao and love

    Thank you Bill for the thought provoking wisdom, puts a smile on my face and dreaming about or return next month.

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    Re: Ouanalao and love

    So much truth in your post, Stbartshopper. A few days ago, I reviewed photos l took last summer on island and was happily surprised at the number of simple wildlife shots --10 or 12 were of a family of salamaders on our deck!! I remember the lazy, content feeling I had just watching them darting around.

    Your post captured much of the peace and contentment we enjoy here.

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    Re: Ouanalao and love

    Beautifully and thoughtfully written, hopper. The simplest things in life, usually with no cost associated, are the most worthwhile and impactful.

    Thanks for all of your posts and perspectives.

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    Re: Ouanalao and love

    Beautiful words. Thank you.

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