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Thread: Lunch at Le Sereno today

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    Lunch at Le Sereno today

    No feet in sand unless you want sun unlike Barthelemy. We sat beachside with a windscreen. A bottle of Rose and Pellegrino with bread and olive oil from Lake Como area- off to a good start. Eggplant Parmigiana was good but as good as Isola. Croque Monsieur with Frites and a salad with very fresh greens, yogurt, shrimp, cucumber with a light dressing. Gaetano and Joel- both Italian and over from the sister Como hotel did a great job.
    Bill was the least expensive of the trip which was a pleasant surprise.
    The valet gave us our car and on the way back to Pte. Milou we stopped at Marigot Beach- nice public parking spaces available. The beach isnít much but the bay is beautiful. Tried to start the car- no start. Realized valet still had the keys. I walked up the hill back to Sereno and valet was standing there with my keys. He gave me a ride back to the car and apologized.
    Lesson learned- from now on, I must have the keys in my hand before I drive off as most cars now are keyless. This was a first and will be last for us.

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    Re: Lunch at Le Sereno today

    Sorry to hear about your key fiasco. Have you tried any of the daily lunch specials that Andy posts? I am confident that option would be your least expensive lunch, from my experience.


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