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Thread: A modest proposal

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    A modest proposal

    We just got home from a delightful week in SBH, and we learned several things. The SJU-SBH Tradewind transfer is definitely the way to go-excellent service. The new road signs were an unexpected treat. After numerous trips over the last 22 years I have learned the roads, warts and all, and no longer depend on maps or signs. But now there are logical, clear directions everywhere. As the Brits would say: "Well signposted". I learned that I will never again climb down to Colombier Beach from the lookout-too old, too steep! And L'Esprit is THE place for food, service and ambience.
    I do have one gripe, perhaps also a function of birthday disease (age). Dining at Maya's is a special experience, on several levels. But the night we chose to eat there was apparently "kids eat free'" night. Two young couples brought their numerous, loud and obnoxious spawn with them, and they shared their boorish behavior with the whole restaurant. Running through the aisles, boisterous challenges to one another, interfering with the serving staff-and all unsupervised by the adoring parental elements.
    The staff tried to calm them down-coloring books, etc., but the problem was the parents and their cavalier inattention. We too traveled with our young children years ago, but never let them get out of hand like this.
    My proposal? Hold the parents financially responsible for the ruined dining experiences of those unfortunates who were compelled to watch and listen to this offensive display.
    (I bet you thought I was going to ask that the little ones be placed on the menu)

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    Re: A modest proposal

    A local hairdresser had a sign that said something like ANY CHILD WHO DOES NOT BEHAVE WILL BE SENT HOME WITH A KITTEN, FREE.

    Not fair to cat lovers, but it worked and there really were no kittens to pass on, but the patrons got the message.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: A modest proposal

    Sorry to hear about your spoiled dining expereince. I raised my children and grandchildren that they are to be seen and not heard. Disruption by children in a fine dining establishment is not acceptable. Get a baby sitter and order take away for children that are not well behaved. The real problem are the parents! NO excuse.

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    Re: A modest proposal

    AMEN Bob!

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    Re: A modest proposal

    just a thought, the real harm of a more permanent nature is to the kids who will never learn how to be respectful and listen. that will pass to thier kids and so on!! to raise children to be productyive members of sociaety and to respect others is much harder than the reverse, but damn well worth it!!

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    Re: A modest proposal

    Quote Originally Posted by 24loar View Post
    numerous, loud and obnoxious spawn... I bet you thought I was going to ask that the little ones be placed on the menu
    In which case, the restaurant would be like a lobster tank and the diner could observe while deciding if stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled would be best.. BTW, many (?most) on both sides of the issue raised by the concerned citizen did not understand what this recent display referenced... some may find that troubling...

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    Re: A modest proposal

    Bingo, Izzy! (No relation to the great Hawaaian singer?) Although my professional career was a scientific one, one of my favorite undergrad classes was "Eighteenth Century British Literature", under Dr Leon Driskell. Jonathan Swift would find ample fodder in today's political climate.

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    Re: A modest proposal

    I suspect Swift would find even more denunciations as obscene and wicked now than he did in his time... hard to find something obscene or wicked about the unrelated Hawaiian singer... but some can,no doubt...

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    Re: A modest proposal

    As a family with small children we are very aware of other patrons in a restaurant. If my children could not behave, we would not bring them. Children running around a restaurant is not pleasurable for the parents or other guests.

    That said, my son (6) has become quite the foodie and he very much looks forward to dining in St. Barth. If you’re ever looking for a review of grilled octopus on the island, let me know. He’s your guy!

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    Re: A modest proposal

    I like the kitten idea.

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