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Thread: Part 4 - November 2019 Trip Report

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    Part 4 - November 2019 Trip Report

    It was Sunday, and we were finally getting used to the time difference and managed to drag ourselves out of bed at a respectable hour. Todayís loot from Petite Columbe included croissants, tarte sucre and, my favorite, chouquettes. They are quite the little bite-sized puffs of heaven with the slightest bit of sugary crunch on the outside and a light, fluffy center.


    After breakfast we decided to make a quick trip to Marchť U for this and that, and stopped at the pharmacy next door for mosquito ďafter biteĒ for hubby. Our initial plan was to get Mayaís To Go for lunch takeout, but they had just received a number of call-in orders and were extremely busy with many people in front of us. Perhaps another day?

    As we were leaving I realized that I had never been into the beauty store next door. Iím lucky to have a husband that is always patient and willing to browse whenever and wherever. What a fun little shop it was! It never ceases to amaze how the small shops on St Barth can pack so much goodness into such small spaces. They had some really cute beauty-themed Advent calendar offerings for teens, so we vowed to go back before our vacation was over.

    On our drive back to the villa we took a detour to …picerie du Corrossol for takeout sandwiches and potato chips. We drove past this spot many times every day during our trip last February, but this was the first time we actually stopped to go inside. Again Ė how can such a small place have practically everything you need in one little spot? The sandwiches and chips made a perfect picnic lunch, and we spent the rest of the day at our villa lounging in the pool, reading, and listening to Amazon Prime classic disco playlists on the outdoor blue tooth speakers.

    We had 7:00 pm dinner reservations at Santa Fe and arrived to find Dennis at the bar. It was nice to say hello and chat with him for a few moments before sitting for dinner. And what a magnificent dinner it was! After toasting with a coupe de Burtebisse champagne Kelly had the escargot and I had the duck fois gras ravioli with morel emulsion. My, oh my! That ravioli was one of the most sumptuous dishes I have ever tasted, and my mouth is watering even as I type this. I donít know if itís a standard item on the menu, but if it is I highly recommend it!


    For our main course I had the filet of beef with frites and bearnaise. I think I got a little bit of a strange look when I requested the frites over the scalloped potatoes. But one of my favorite dishes is steak frites, and I just knew that if there was ever going to be a wonderful version, this would be the place to get it. And, I was right. Kelly had the chicken with fois gras and perigourde sauce. I didnít get a chance to try his dish, but he assured me it was top notch.


    Dessert was chocolate lava cake with coconut ice cream and a shot (or twoÖ) of rum flavored with orange and raisin. This was such an amazing meal, and Iím still disappointed that we didnít make it back for a second visit during our trip. We will make sure to schedule both a lunch AND dinner at Santa Fe in the future.

    Our bellies full and our body clocks just about caught up to normal, we were tired and headed home. It was decidedly another easy-going, stress-free day in paradise!

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    Re: Part 4 - November 2019 Trip Report

    Other Forum members I believe have already told you that you could/should be a professional travelogue writer. Your descriptions are excellent and we can feel the St. Barth vibes coming thru your words. Can’t wait for your next ‘installment.’

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    Re: Part 4 - November 2019 Trip Report

    Wonderful pictures and descriptions. Thank you for entertaining us and bringing us on your journey.

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    Re: Part 4 - November 2019 Trip Report

    Wonderful report of another wonderful day.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: Part 4 - November 2019 Trip Report

    Another win-win-win-win day....Choquettes-phamacie/beauty store-serendipitous Dennis sighting-Santa Fe. Amazing memories were definitely made, y'all!
    The waves of the sea bring me back to me.

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