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Thread: Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

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    Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

    With three hours’ time difference and no set alarm we awoke at 10:45. I can’t remember the last time we’ve slept so late on vacation! Alas, there would be no lounging this morning because we had a 12:00 reservation at our happy place: Nikki Beach. Rosé for breakfast? Why not!

    We had just enough time to freshen up, throw on our swimsuits and hop in the car. It was fun to drive past familiar places with the windows down, commenting on shops and restaurants we’d like to visit here and there. The street was already packed with parked cars, so we decided to forego the hassle of looking for a spot and chose to use Nikki’s valet service. Being one of the first parties to arrive we had our choice of tables near the front edge by the sun beds. We made a toast with a glass of Léoube and sat back to take in the view. It was a glorious day. The sky was dotted with a few fluffy white clouds, and the sun dancing on hues of blue and green in the bay was magical. Ahhh! It’s moments like this that create memories to carry us through from one vacation to the next.

    The restaurant was decorated in pretty shades of rose and pink for the Rosé Friday promotion, and the DJ and saxophone player wasted no time engaging the crowd with music. We’ve never been to Nikki on a Sunday so haven’t really had the opportunity to watch the dance-on-the-table crowd. But a few groups were well on their way to Sunday and up they went. It was at this point that my husband and I looked at each other and wondered how sturdy the tables were. We’ve never paid much attention to the tables before, but one look underneath was all it took to realize that they were built to withstand whatever these party-goers could dish out. They are quite the impressive feat of engineering!

    Lunch, as always, was superb. We shared a breaded goat cheese salad with walnuts, hard boiled eggs and cherry tomatoes, and my husband had the prawn and citrus risotto. The shrimp were large and plump, and the risotto was the perfect amount of creamy with parmesan cheese and a hint of lemon. He was really looking forward to the scallop risotto we had on a previous visit, but quickly proclaimed that shrimp was a very acceptable substitution. I had the seared tuna with grilled vegetables (zucchini, red peppers, fennel, asparagus and cherry tomatoes). It was served with two delicious sauces that, when combined, created an amazing blend of sweet, salt and tang that brought out the freshness of the fish.

    We finished with tarte citrone for dessert. The bottom layer resembled the crust of a lemon bar, the middle layer was lemon curd and on top was the quintessential meringue. A small scoop of citrus sorbet was served on the side, and it gave an opposing taste of lip-puckering sour to the smooth sweetness of the tarte. It was sublime (and is now a contender for our “favorite dessert” award).

    As usual, the service at Nikki was second to none. The waitstaff here always seem to enjoy what they are doing and genuinely care for their customers with a warm smile. They always make us feel welcome and at home.

    After lunch we went back to the villa for a quick dip in the pool. It was short-lived because we needed to get showered and dressed before heading off to Santa Fe for the get-together hosted by Dennis. We had the pleasure of meeting Dennis, Kevin, Phil and Amy, Ben and Bonnie and many others who I’m sure we’re neglecting to mention. Thank you again, Dennis, for your generosity and hospitality in organizing this event. It was so much fun putting names with faces, and hearing stories of past experiences from travels over the years. Plus, it gave us the opportunity to experience Santa Fe in the daytime as we’ve only visited for dinner. What a view! We will definitely add a lunch visit to our lineup for future trips.

    On the way home we made a couple of laps through town and managed to find a place to park. We strolled the streets to window shop but started to get hungry and didn’t really feel like going to a restaurant for dinner. With leftover pizza from last night and risotto from lunch in our fridge, we made a quick stop at Marché U for salad items and coconut glace to round out our meal. Our villa had access to Netflix, so we watched a movie called Central Intelligence with Duane Johnson (aka “The Rock”) and Kevin Hart. I wouldn’t call it a cinematic masterpiece, but it was very entertaining and a lighthearted, amusing way to end a wonderful day.


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    Re: Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

    Thank you for sharing. Sounds like you enjoyed a fabulous time at Nikki Sunday

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    Re: Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

    The sax player at Nikki is fabulous as well as their food. We have danced on those tables and they are built very sturdy. You didn’t comment on David’s food at Santa Fe? How was it- we presume delicious!

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    Re: Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

    I love getting to revisit your November memories. You get a lot covered and it is a delight to read each journal entries.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

    I’m enjoying your detailed posts of your November trip! Your Sunday at Nikki sounded delightful all the way around. Topped off by a Forum get together, it makes for a perfect day indeed!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

    . . . loving the telling of your November memories, & it was fantastic that you were part of the Santa Fe cocktail gathering (a great turnout of Forum friends). Your Netflix evening sounds perfect as the ending to a very active & full day (Wendy & I often enjoy similar quiet evening times).

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    Re: Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

    "It was a glorious day. The sky was dotted with a few fluffy white clouds, and the sun dancing on hues of blue and green in the bay was magical. Ahhh! It’s moments like this that create memories to carry us through from one vacation to the next."

    THIS...! Yes!

    Thank you for sharing a recap of your trip; from sleeping in to partying at Nikki to meeting new friends the likes of those you noted make for a sublime day!
    The waves of the sea bring me back to me.

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    Re: Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

    Nice ! Love Nikki also. Well written !
    They make you feel special even if you didn’t arrive by yacht !

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    Re: Part 2 - November 2019 Trip Report

    This was our arrival day on the island! I hope we had a chance to say hello at Santa Fe....we also met many new peeps. It was such a nice event!

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