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Thread: Customs (CBP) in SJU

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    Customs (CBP) in SJU

    Which terminal does Tradewind Aviation use upon arrival from SBH-SJU? We have scheduled our Global Entry interview for the date of our arrival when returning from SBH. The CBP office is in Terminal D. We are hoping that we can pull off this appointment for interview off in SJU, as the closest airport to our home is not offering these interviews. Thanks to any more-experienced-than-me traveler who can offer information about this byzantine system!

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    Re: Customs (CBP) in SJU

    Tradewind will bring you to the CBP checkpoint in Terminal A. Depending on the time of day, it can be very fast. When we arrived there a week ago, the only people were the Tradewind passengers and crew on our Tradewind flight and another Tradewind flight which arrived at the same time. It's slower if you arrive behind a larger international flight.

    I don't know where the CBP office is in D, whether it's inside TSA security or outside. It's a hike from A to D, but I used to do it when AA arrived in D and I was departing on Tradewind in A. Ask the CBP officers in A whether you need to stay outside of the secure area to get to their office, or if you need to clear TSA security and follow the interior path to D.

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    Re: Customs (CBP) in SJU

    Thanks, KevinS. This will be our first Tradewind trip, but we have navigated around SJU on other trips. Confusing, but not as bad as MIA.

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    Re: Customs (CBP) in SJU

    Never thought about doing our Global Entry in SJU. It is not offered in our local airport either. Let us know what you find out on location and the TSA situation.
    Thanks for the tip.


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