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Thread: Restos21 Changes

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    Restos21 Changes

    The following are what I recall as the major changes on the SBH restaurant scene for the 2019 – 2020 season.

    First, the good news on the Hotel front:

    Eden Rock has reopened, with major changes to its restaurants and bars. The On The Rocks restaurant and Rock Bar are no more. The restaurant operation has been consolidated into a new Sand Bar restaurant on the beach. There are two bars at beach level. The Rémy Bar is adjacent to Sand Bar, and Beach Bar is farther down the beach, in the direction of the airport.

    Cheval Blanc Ile de France has also reopened, and expanded to take over the Hotel Taïwana space. The La Case restaurant now has a menu created by Chef Jean Imbert. The former Taïwana restaurant is now La Cabane, with a less formal menu. There are 150 chaises on the beach in front of the expanded hotel.

    And the bad news on the Hotel front:

    Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf has not yet reopened. The projected reopening date is now February 2020.

    Le Guanahani has also not yet reopened. The projected reopening date is October 2020.

    Villa Marie's plans to open a beach restaurant in St Jean have not come to fruition. It was reported that their permit was denied due to insufficient parking.

    The rest of the bad news:

    La Gloriette, beloved by many, sustained heavy damaged from Hurricane Irma, and is not expected to reopen. There have been a number of rumors regarding the space, but as yet, nothing is confirmed.

    O'Corail, La Gloriette's neighbor, likewise sustained heavy damage, and it is uncertain if they will get a permit to rebuild. There are rumors that the Collectivité will work with them on a land swap, but on St Barth there are always rumors.

    On to the good news:

    The main restaurant at Le Sereno has a new name, Al Mare.

    Ociella, new last year in Gustavia, is now Casa Restaurant & Lounge by Ociella, tying its identity closer to Casa St Barth Nightclub.

    Deli Food Island, the scooter-based delivery service based out of Les Bananiers, has expanded the list of restaurants which they deliver for. When last I looked, the list included L'Ardoise, Les Bananiers, Baz Bar, Chefs XO, Crêperie, Chez Rolonde, Fostok, and So Cuisine. Minimum order €25, Cash, MC, Visa. See for the current list.

    Kinugawa, a Japanese restaurant, is expected to open in December in the former Carpe Diem space on Rue Jeanne d'Arc in Gustavia.

    La Licorne is a new restaurant and event space located behind La Bohème in Lorient. Details are sparse at this time.

    Lil' Rock Beach has reopened in a newly constructed building on the beach in St Jean, adjacent to the old Hotel Emeraude Plage. Reservations are recommended, and can best be made by email at

    For those who visit the Form Fitness health club, there is a new food operation there. Protein Bar SBH offers Vitamins/Supplements, Shakes, Breakfasts, Woks, Bowls, and Hot Drinks.

    Shatira is a new restaurant which hopes to open soon in Merlette, the hillside on the road above Flamands. Shatira describes itself as an Oriental Restaurant specializing in Kebabs.

    Zion Restaurant has opened in the former Hideaway space in St Jean. The space has been completely remodeled, and looks great. In addition to the tables, they have a Chef's Table, bar-style seating looking into the kitchen.

    A new restaurant is rumored for the former Le Carré space in Gustavia, but I have heard no details.

    A Few Changes:

    Bonito is now closed on Sunday, and open on Wednesday.

    Lil' Rock is now closed on Monday, and open on Tuesday.


    Barts | Risotto & Cie – After many concepts, this restaurant has now closed.
    Galawa, in the former Pipiri Palace space, has closed.
    Island Flavors & Bistro Josephine – Closed. La Carambole bakery will move to that space.

    Never Opened:

    The rumors of a Joël Robuchon restaurant near Entracte in Gustavia shall remain rumors. The restaurant group is rumored to have pulled out of the project.

    The above is what I remember, but I'm sure that I've missed a few.

    Bon Appetit!

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    Re: Restos21 Changes

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know it takes enourmous time to put this together for all our benefit. Thank you again!

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    Re: Restos21 Changes

    The first post in this thread has been updated to note that Bonito is now closed on Sunday and open on Wednesday. Also, Lil' Rock is now closed on Monday and open on Tuesday.


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