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Thread: Thanksgiving Dinner

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    Thanksgiving Dinner

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    Re: Thanksgiving Dinner

    We had a great lunch at Le Sereno and the setting is beautiful. Looks like a nice twist on a traditional meal.
    Also had an amazing dinner as part of the Gourmet festival at Jarad. Good choice if you don't want turkey.
    Would choose either for Thanksgiving if I couldn't get into Maya's.

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    Re: Thanksgiving Dinner

    Le Sereno has what would appear to be a menu offering what seems to me to be closest to a "traditional" Thanksgiving meal of any restos I have seen advertising (or personally know about who don't advertise).
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    Re: Thanksgiving Dinner

    If we were on the island it would be ‘traditional’ for us therefore Le Sereno.

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    Re: Thanksgiving Dinner

    Maya's for the unadvertised Thanksgiving traditional dinner. Santa Fe is offering it too. The regular menus are also an option fo the non traditionalists, recently referred to as imPURITANS.
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    Re: Thanksgiving Dinner

    Owner Monsieur (Señor) Contreras & family. Very lovely people, in my experience in meeting them.

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    Re: Thanksgiving Dinner

    Lisa had the traditional Thanksgiving meal at Maya’s last night. The few bites I stole were excellent. I went with the lamb.

    but the highlight of the evening was bumping into a table of forum legends!

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