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Thread: What's her Story

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    What's her Story

    I was sitting in my car this morning watching traffic in front of Maya's to Go, as I do every morning drinking my beverage before I start my exercise program.

    In the distance I could see a girl walking towards the airport, she was dressed in a party dress and she had her thumb stuck out hoping for a ride. Lots of cars passed her, mostly rental cars, as the locals may not have gotten up yet since it is sunday. When she finally was in front of my car across the road near the signs for people against drunk driving, she was still trying to get a ride. Still more cars passed her without stopping.

    She was maybe 19 or 20, no purse, which I also thought was odd esp. since she was dressed in nightclub attire. A lot of things went through my mind, had this girl not gone to bed yet? did she have a ride earlier but was kicked out when he said put out or get out? In the middle of my thoughts about her, I saw that she had put her head in her hands and was now crying. I had seen enough, so I pulled out of my parking space and headed in her direction and I decided I would give her a ride to anywhere she wished to go. Before I pulled out onto the main road, another car had stopped to pick her up, so now I guess I will never know.

    I do try to give people rides when I see them hitch hiking here, as it is relatively safe. I feel guilty when I don't.

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    Re: What's her Story

    It was nice of you to be concerned. Hopefully, she's OK.

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    Re: What's her Story

    Maybe the person who did give her a ride will be a Forum reader ? or maybe better not to know ? But kind of you to consider a rescue.

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    Re: What's her Story

    You’re a Good Samaritan, Diana...hope she’s doing alright.

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    Re: What's her Story

    have les auto-stoppeurs gone the way of les filles seins nus sur les plages de saint-barth ?

    en train de disparaître ?
    Fils du Sud - Ministre de la Santé

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    Re: What's her Story

    i have picked up kids going to Lurin to the gym and housekeepers going to other parts of the island for their jobs.... i used to hitch hike a lot in France... but that was an eternity ago....

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    Re: What's her Story

    We have picked up hitchhikers on the island. Have always found them to be very nice, just going from one locale to another.

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    Re: What's her Story

    We pick them up as well if we have room in the vehicle. Sometimes youngsters going to a friend's house on days off school.

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    Re: What's her Story

    Quote Originally Posted by dadto6 View Post
    We pick them up as well if we have room in the vehicle. Sometimes youngsters going to a friend's house on days off school.
    We've picked up hitchhikers, mostly in the midday, and mostly someone trying to get to or from work. I think it used to be a common practice.

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    Re: What's her Story

    Grateful Hitchhiker

    Cute, she notes another car with a dog in it who didn't pick her up.

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    Re: What's her Story

    From before to eternity life does not change. There are good people and bad. I went to Lowell Tech Institute and hitch hiked home every weekend. If I felt in danger I would ask to be let out. If the person didn't comply I would threaten violence. Would not recommend that to a woman unless they were trained in self defense.

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    Re: What's her Story

    On our way out of Gustavia today by the road to Lurin / Gouverneur there was a young lady who was hitching a ride. We picked her up and turns out she was indeed going to the gym. As we were climbing those hills I could only imagine how dangerous it would be for her to have walked it - not to mention she wouldn’t need a workout after that!

    She told us that she works at Le Barthelemy. So we felt good about our small good deed today!


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