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Thread: Sunday 11/10 Musings

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    Sunday 11/10 Musings

    Woke up early to the sound of heavy rain pounding on the roof. Only lasted about 15-minutes but it was torrential for its duration. Enjoyed a wonderful time walking around the track and talking to Anita about what a special visit we had the past several days. Time flew by, we savored every moment together capturing what Paradise had to offer.
    Breakfast was Petite Colombe bakery. For a switch up, we caught up on the of the Sunday news shows at the Villa.
    Enjoyed a nice time at Lil' Rock, first lunch we have eaten there. It was very busy and the wait staff seemed to take it all in stride. I enjoyed a good Mojito while doing some people watching, good spot to do that. Anita ordered the burger with frites. I ordered the grilled lobster. Both were fully consumed.
    Back to the Villa for a swim and final day of sunning. Keeps up my vitamin D level and staves away depression, which is setting in, knowing we are soon returning home to work, work, work. This trip was slightly different, I did not partake in a single afternoon nap. However, night sleeps were wonderful and fully rejuvenating.
    Dinner was at QG last night, we canceled our 4th night of Gourmet Festival reservation at Le Sereno, as Anita was not revved up about their menu offerings. It was very full at QG, lots of Forum members strolled down there for dinner from Le Select. All the street surrounding Le Select were jammed with people. We ordered a nice bottle of Rose accompanying our cod fritters appetizer. Anita and I both enjoyed Foie Gras, it was delicious. We strolled around town and settled in for a round of drinks and listened to the final nights performance of Nothing But Sunshine band at Baz Bar under a dreamy, near full moonlit night on the harbor. A nice ending to a romantic 10-days together. God willing, we will be returning soon. Love and Peace to all!

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    Nice reporting thank you. Have a safe trip home. It’s cold.


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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    I have enjoyed reading your posts, actually most of the mornings the walkway at the pond is on my workout route, but I changed it this week. I think I may have mixed you up with someone else when I posted the other day. have a safe flight home!

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    Bon Voyage!

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    A very SBH Sunday! Travel safe!

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    I think you and Anita did a splendid getaway for two! Glad we met you at L’Esprit and could share a few precious moments.

    Happy trails.

    Isn’t it grand knowing your next excursion down with the family is on the books? Until the next time just keep taking good care of each other!
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    Glad you had a great trip! Safe travels.

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    Enjoy travelling with you & Anita vicariously & all that you accomplish during your visits. Hope no travel hiccups on return home. Thanks for taking us all along !

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Dad. Travel mercies being prayed as you travel home.
    The waves of the sea bring me back to me.

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    Always enjoy your postings, especially when you are on the island. Thanks for all the great reads! Safe travels back to you both!

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    Travels went very smoothly. Returned our brand new car we rented, full of gas, 400km on the clock and not a single scratch. Mission accomplished.
    Tradewind check in went smoothly, only carry on. Departed 5-minutes early. Truly enjoyed a nice flight to San Juan, met some new friends on the plane which made the trip fly by, very stimulating conversation, they also have 6-children and grandchildren like us. Connection in San Juan went smoothly, departed timely on United Airlines. Arrived home on schedule. Great trip home, erasing our debacle on the way down.
    Looking forward to our family trip in January. Thank you everyone for the kind words of encouragement.

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    Re: Sunday 11/10 Musings

    Thanks for sharing your time on St. Barth with us all! Wishing you and Anita safe travels home!

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