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Thread: Saturday Musings

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    Saturday Musings

    Today woke to a beautiful morning sunrise, rains around 4:00am were very heavy to fill the cisterns. Walked the loop around the St. Jean pond. It was a very lovely stroll, watching the wildlife, birds and flora. Highly recommend, someone has spent a lot of time planting and preparing the IPE circumnavigating decking.

    Was intending to go to Le Select for lunch and listen to music, drove two circuits around without finding a parking space. The place was packed. We settled for Victoria, after finding QG was closed today for Kitchen Problems. Parked across from Burger Palace and walked to Victoria on the Harbor boardwalk. Enjoyed a Mai Tai with my cheeseburger and frites. It was not that crowded but service was lackluster. Last May, they offered a wonderful Coffee Colada cocktail. I ordered two from the bartender, same bartender as May; his response "we do not do those anymore". Disappointing attitude, I know the restaurant business if difficult but what happened? He forget how to make the drink? Took 30-minutes to get my Mai Tai. Probably will not go back until I read they re-up their game.

    Went back to the Villa for a nice swim and time laying in the sun. Glad I set my alarm on the phone, as I feel asleep. Did not want to burn as red as a steamed Maine Lobster. Enjoyed a nice outside shower, preparing for Mass before heading to L'Esprit.

    Heavy rains a short while ago, only lasted 15-minutes, keeping the Island very lush green. Sahara Sands suck, as I can hardly see St. Maarten. At least the first few days we were here it was extremely clear, counting my blessing.
    Wishing everyone on Island a wonderful time enjoying Paradise in your own special way!

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    Re: Saturday Musings

    Sounds like you’re finding a happy way along the SBH trail!

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    Re: Saturday Musings

    No excuse for the attitudes at Victoria. So many great alternatives should keep them at their A game. Glad you set your alarm. Sunburns in paradise are not fun. Will do the walk around St. Jean pond per your musings. Keep on enjoying!

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