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Thread: 1st Night Gourmet Festival Restaurant Christo

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    1st Night Gourmet Festival Restaurant Christo

    Anita and I were very excited for the Gourmet Festival 2019 version to commence. We were fortunate, with the extensive traffic delays through Lorient, due to road construction, the trip from our villa in Vitet to Hotel Christopher was a quick drive. The evening was dreamy with a beautiful moon and clear skies, nice stiff breeze with low humidity made for a wonderful evening to enjoy our 1st night of the Gourmet Festival. The Restaurant Christo was beautifully decorated with wonderful illumination which creates a dreamy atmosphere in the dining room.

    We were seated at a nice two person table on the rail overlooking the ocean waves crashing on the rocks. Seated next to us was President Magras and his entourage. We were greeted warmly by our wait staff and sommelier. We asked the sommelier to pair our dining courses with his recommendations of wine. Chef Arnaud Faye was the patron chef of the event in collaboration with resident chef Nicolas Tissier.

    Amuse-bouche was a selection of diminutive morsels, melt in your mouth variety.
    2nd course - Lobster smoked with hyssop and cantaloupe. It was a delightful blend of texture and flavor.
    3rd course - Potatoes with chives, shellfish and La Maison Nordiquie Caviar. Amazing how the chef injected the potatoes with various selections of shellfish, served on a very warm plate.
    4th course - Mahi-Mahi with fennel and mullet roe. The fish was exceptionally tender with awesome flavor and accompaniment.
    5th course - Citrus granita, chartreuse, vegetable ice. Made for a splendid palate cleanser, so refreshing and cleaver.
    6th course - Saddle of lamb, Barolo vinegar with raisins, bulgur and grilled eggplant sauce. One work, heavenly. Anita even commented, this entire meal is heavenly!
    7th course - Rice pudding with mango and coriander. The dessert was not what I had in mind. It was a whimsical, flavorful event in your mouth with each bite.
    8th course - Quince, buttermilk ice cream and hazelnut butter with honey. First time I enjoyed quince, the combination was masterfully accomplished.

    The evening was a spectacular success. 2 hours 30 minutes of dining excellence. Service was exemplary and attentive, given the dining room was at capacity and considering the President was there with his entourage of 11. On Wednesday, Dennis spoke with the General Manager and he informed Dennis the four days were booked full each day. We were treated to a royal experience. The sommelier did an outstanding job. Thankfully, our drive was carefully executed up the hill to Vitet, we only passed one car on the drive home. Round 1 in the books.

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    Re: 1st Night Gourmet Festival Restaurant Christo

    Sounds like a great evening. My guests & I similarly had a very special time at L’Esprit. Seems like the Gourmet Festival is off to a good start.

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    Re: 1st Night Gourmet Festival Restaurant Christo

    Dad, thanks for this detailed review. What a marvelous dinner menu!
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: 1st Night Gourmet Festival Restaurant Christo

    Reading your reviews it seems each evening is so good that the next meal can’t be as divine. Then you go on to Manapany and tonight l’Esprit! The Gourmet food festival sounds like one of the best events gastronomically annually maybe in the entire Caribbean?

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