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Thread: Some advice

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    Some advice

    Greetings St. Barths friends...two friends of ours are traveling to St. Barths for the 1st time in January. They are in the 50ís not married. While Cheryl and I have been going since 1986 our fun time is morning at the beach, lunch, afternoon at the beach, dinner and a walk along the beach. They are looking a bit more for the party scene. We are not familiar with the party scene. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Re: Some advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Cwater View Post
    ?. They are in the 50ís not married... They are looking a bit more for the party scene...
    Based on unwilling forays -

    in Gustavia, Casa the lounge/bar/club below what was Ociela but I guess is now Casa Restaurant and Bagatelle after the dinner crowd are good starting points (didnt't last long enough to find the ending points) if they want to party like it was 1999 (or before)... Bonito has had DJ music after hours previously... Modjo in St Jean, maybe - if I wasn't with much younger Bucket crew, I think I would have been denied entry at that one (if something possessed me to even try)...

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    Re: Some advice

    Le Ti in Pt. Milou would be right up their alley. Food also very good there too.

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    Re: Some advice

    nikki beach for the after lunch crowd.

    baz in the evening for cocktails

    le ti for late night dining and crazy fun.

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    Re: Some advice

    I'll agree with a couple of the above suggestions. Going off of what you stated, the 3:30 seating at Nikki and Le Ti as well. We stopped by Le Ti Saturday night and it was really a lot of fun. We went after dinner so we were too late for the cabaret show, but the costumes and the such were unique and worth the trip.

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    I'd also suggest something like lunch and chairs at Pearl Beach. We had a great time there and there was much more in the way of people watching than what we usually do on the beach. Plus, if it is their first time on the Island being right near the planes taking off/landing will probably be something they enjoy. Speaking of which, we saw one plane (it looked like a small private plane) land so low that when it went over someone's head in the water I think they literally could have almost touched it

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    Re: Some advice

    Thanks to all for your feedback. Will pass it on

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