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Thread: My Medjet experience

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    My Medjet experience

    There has been much discussion on this board about Medjet, but I haven't seen any reports of personal experience and want to share mine.

    Like many of you, Gary and I looked into it and decided to purchase a membership some years ago. Each year we pay the renewal fee with very little thought that we would actually have need of their service. It is really for our peace of mind.

    Anyway, that all changed for me last week. I was on a trip with some girlfriends in northern Italy when I had a bad fall that resulted in a fractured pelvis. I was taken to the emergency room of the nearby public hospital and when the fracture was confirmed, I was admitted.
    I called Gary then and, though I had trip insurance, I asked him to call Medjet to see if this was a situation that they might be involved in. He gave them the name of the hospital and they called and spoke to the doctor who was treating me. Very shortly, they called Gary back and advised him that they would, indeed, be able to transport me and that they would begin to assemble a team. They only asked that he confirm that my doctor here in Louisville would be admitting me to the hospital on my return. The next day, he was able to do so and the plans were set.

    I spent two nights in the public hospital (It was grim- but thatís another story for another timeÖ) then I was transferred to a much lovelier private hospital for two more nights.

    On Saturday, the air ambulance, which had been dispatched from Toronto, arrived in Milan and the two person medical team came to my hospital room to meet me, assess the situation and give the staff instructions for my preparation. Then they left and, with the two pilots, went on their mandatory rest before they could fly again.

    They returned to the hospital on Sunday morning and accompanied me in the ambulance ride to the Milan airport. There I was transferred to their gurney and loaded onto the plane, a Learjet 40XR. We took off and headed to Louisville with stops in Keflavik, Iceland and Goose Bay, Newfoundland for fuel. Our flying time was 12 hours plus the two stops and throughout, their professionalism and concern for my comfort were exceptional.

    On arrival in Louisville, the process was reversed. They accompanied me in the ambulance to my local hospital where I had been direct admitted and took me all the way to my new room, staying long enough to give a report to the staff on my floor.

    I canít tell you how grateful I was for this service. I really canít imagine what a painful process it would have been to have to transition through the airport and a commercial flight (or flights) home.

    I spent two more nights in the hospital here where it was discovered that, in fact, I had two fractures. Though it is very painful, itís not serious. I didnít require surgery and after a time of rest and healing, I should be fine with no future ramifications.

    Iím home now and resting and all in all I feel pretty lucky. I definitely feel very grateful for that Medjet membership!

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Oh Toni!

    Very much mixed emotions reading this. First, so sorry to hear that you're in pain. My former Primary Care Physician once told me that the #1 key to avoiding medical issues as we age is Don't Fall Down! I've not been 100% successful in following his guidance, but at least I haven't broken anything.

    I'm pleased to hear that Medjet Assist performed so well. I think the original researcher/recommender of Medjet's services was Phil. We've been members for several years, so thanks to Phil for recommending them, and (sadly) thanks to you for letting us all know that Medjet came through for you. There's always a lingering question of whether or not a subscribed service delivers what they promise, and I'm pleased to know that Medjet did. The price of $25K is commonly thrown around for the price of a Medevac back to the US, and we all pay only a few hundred for our annual Medjet memberships.

    I'm also pleased that you saw another little corner of Newfoundland and Labrador, but I think that we need to work on the circumstances of your visits. And perhaps the month of September is not the most auspicious time for you to visit Europe. Next year, maybe just cut to the chase, stay on this side of the Atlantic, and visit Newfoundland - you seem to pass through there anyway.

    Toni, again, sorry that you're in pain. Gentle hugs from both of us sent your way. And thanks so much for making this post, which helps to validate a decision which many of us have made. And Kudos to Gary for being your coordinator in the US to get your Medevac in motion.

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Haha, Kevin, you're right, I need to stop "incidentally" passing through Newfoundland and schedule a proper visit there someday.

    And did I mention that I actually fell on 9/11? The irony of that was not lost on me. I think from now on I should just stay home (or at least in the United States of America) on that date.

    Anyway, thanks for your good wishes and I'll pass those kudos on to Gary.

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Thatís a great story Toni. I hope you heal without any residual. Welcome home.
    As an aside we were in Italy days after 9/11/01 and the Italians were very solicitous to Americans with US Flags in windows and signs reading God Bless America.


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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Oh Toni so sorry to read of your dilemma and so happy to see it will end well for you. Hooray for Gary and kudos for Medjet for living up to their commitments and fulfilling its end of the contract. Good to know they are reliable and efficient.

    Now, heal quickly. Rest up and follow medical orders and I hope you will feel better soon. So sorry to know you are in pain, and I hope your meds get you through it until you can manage on your own. You have shown us before that you are a tough broad!

    You are a trooper and I will keep you in my prayers for healing.
    Like Kevin offered, I will send more gentle hugs to you in Kentucky.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    OH NO, Toni...I'm so sorry to read this, but very happy to know that you were taken care of so tenderly. Great testimonial for Medjet; it's about time I made that a part of my travel routine.

    I, too, send gentle ((hugs)) to you along with fervent prayers for a speedy recovery.
    The waves of the sea bring me back to me.

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Wendy & I are so sorry, Toni, to read of your fall & pain . . . but gratified to know that the Medjet response was so positive. Your experience must have verged on being a nightmare. Thanks for sharing this narrative, & we’re, of course, relieved to know that you’re home & in good hands! Be well!

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Toni, glad to know you're home safe & recuperating from your fall. MedJet is something I think we receive offers for "joining" in our mail every once in awhile so next time we get one, I'll read it thru. Take care !

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    My dear Toni,I am so glad you are at home and all has turned out well We have kept Medjet for many years and now it has lapsed. Will renew it soon, My prayers will be with you.

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Medjet coverage equals peace of mind...sounds to me like a good plan, forum friends. Toni, thanks for bringing this topic up. Keep feeling better. Hugs.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Feel well soon sis
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    Re: My Medjet experience

    You have made us believers. Thank you.

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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Hi Toni, I am so sorry to hear that you went through such an ordeal! But as others have said, your experience makes me feel good about continuing to renew our membership - interestingly, I JUST renewed our membership yesterday and this morning woke up wondering if it’s an expense with which we should continue. Having just read your story, I now know it’s a worthwhile investment!

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I hope you’re well on your way to a full recovery!



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    Re: My Medjet experience

    Price of a 5 year top of the line plan is pretty reasonable
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