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Thread: Guanahani Blog 2019

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    Guanahani Blog 2019

    This is a fun site and makes us look forward to the reopening of one of our favorite places for lunch- Indigo. Please note the doors do not reopen until falls next year, but this is fun to read and dream.

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    Re: Guanahani Blog 2019

    If we could only go...I am wondering if Indigo will even exist after the redo. My great "Indigo" pleasure was going to breakfast every day overlooking the pool and the old days, we had a wine tasting at 11:00 AM at Indigo which "deteriorated" into a full on wine consumption party where we got a real education beyond what we knew, as one guest was a woman winemaker from the sommelier honored her and the rest of us by "emptying out" some exceptional bottles...those were the days...!!
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