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Thread: Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

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    Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

    Looking for recommendation on where to stay on our first trip to the island. 4 couples going down to celebrate 50th birthdays of 4 girlfriends. None of us have been before. We like to go out but are also good cooks and would do some dinners at home. Days will mainly consist of finding a beach in the morning, enjoying Rosé or other beverages during the day before getting back to our villa to clean up before dinner and more wine etc. We may also spend afternoons laying around the pool and enjoying the view. I think we have narrowed down our choices to two villas in what seems to be very different areas. Villa Aurore in Vitet looks beautiful and has the indoor and outdoor space for our group. But it seems to be far away from beaches and restaurants etc. I see everyone rents a car but not sure I want to be driving too far during the evenings. The second is villa Varuna which is very close to St. Jean which could be walkable to the beach and restaurants? It also looks amazing but is considerably more expensive which isn't necessarily a deal breaker but wondering if location makes it worth it? Am I over thinkng the need to be close to St. Jean?

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    Re: Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

    There has been a lot of road work in Lorient in recent months, extending and burying utilities, as well as work on a new roundabout. Usually, that work has been tolerable, closing only one side, and alternating traffic on the open side. Recently there has been a propensity for total road closures, requiring a long detour through Grand Fond for areas beyond Lorient. The road work has yet to reach the east end of Lorient, and still has a long way to go up the Camaruche hillside on the way to Lurin. Worst case, its probably only an additional 15 minutes each way, which may or may not be a problem for you.

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    Re: Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

    If youve never been before, you might like St Jean better until you get the lay of the land, especially with nighttime driving. Also take a look at Desirade in St Jean. If you dont mind a steep walk, its walkable to Eden Rock, Nikki Beach straight down the hill, and if you go down the hill a little and cut to a dirt road on the right, you come out where Piment, Zion, etc. are. We havent stayed there since 2009, but it was super nice at the time and has gorgeous views. Plenty of space for four couples. The bedrooms are all in separate buildings.

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    Re: Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

    we also are not fond of long nightime drives (a first time island driver will need to be extra cautious/alert) therefore we favor the Lurin area....restaurants are close (Santa Fe was less than a 5 minute drive from our villa and the Gustavia restaurants were also a less than 5 minute drive). Two of our favorites were about a 10 minute drive (Tamarin and Esprit). If we want to dine at a restaurant in the "hinterland" we typically will schedule a lunch vs dinner just to avoid a late night drive. Daytime driving is not an issue ref finding your way to the beaches, etc.

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    Re: Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

    Quote Originally Posted by chiz View Post
    we also are not fond of long nightime drives...
    If routed through Grand Fond, that would be a long and DARK nighttime drive.

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    Re: Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

    Lurin for 1st timers, the night driving can be tricky so as another poster said, get the lay of the land before you go out too far on your 1st visit to SBH. Enjoy wherever you decide to stay ! and welcome to the Forum...

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    Re: Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

    I would probably prefer Lurin over Vitet. I have never stayed in either, but I have looked at many wonderful villas in Lurin. I would think Lurin villas have a unique combination of close proximity to Gustavia and wonderful views.

    One thing to remember is the island is very small. It about the size of a small town. If I remember correctly, it takes about 30-45 minutes to drive around the island... and that includes traffic. Getting to the beach isn't ever really an issue. Depending on when you are on the island and which beach you are going to parking can be an adventure, but it's nothing to get worried about. If the parking situation stinks at one beach drive 5 minutes to another.

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    Re: Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

    I looked at the villa Varuna online and am amazed, but also noticed that it isn't in Lurin, so the thread title may be a bit off. Rather it appears to be across the road from Village St Jean (up the hill from Nikki). Stayed a night at the hotel a couple of visits ago and the hike, especially back with chairs and towels, etc..., didn't make it very beach friendly, so we drove down and parked across from Pearl Beach instead.

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    Re: Where to stay...Vitet or Lurin

    I agree that on a first time trip, Lurin is more convenient than Vitet. But as peterlynn has pointed out, that villa isn't in Lurin. If St Jean is an option, I would point out villa BDM as an another option to consider. Four bedrooms right on the beach in St Jean. Bedrooms are not equal in size if that's an issue. Traditonal style so if you want contemporary design, it may seem old fashioned. Great big pool. Easy access to dining in St Jean. If you're cooking in, the kitchen is huge and there is an abundance of china to set a grand table.


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