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Thread: Lorient Road Closure, 8/9

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    Lorient Road Closure, 8/9

    I saw this on Le Journalís Facebook page and wanted to share in case anyone is on the island today. May want to avoid traveling this route....

    The community informs the population that due to the pouring of the road of the construction site of lorient, the traffic of all vehicles will be banned on Friday, August 2019, 09 from 7 am to 16 pm on a portion of No. 209 between the supermarket at jojo and the old post of lorient.The following will be put in place:
    - by salt salt, great background for users coming from Saint John,
    - by toiny, great background, saline for users coming from the wind neighborhoods of the island.
    Panels will be put in place to indicate the different variations.
    The community asks you to apologize for the inconvenience and rely on the civic of everyone so that this work is carried out in the best conditions.

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    Re: Lorient Road Closure, 8/9

    Very amusing twisted auto translate. I didn't go to the FB page to read the original text but the english translation has me scratching my head on some parts.

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    Re: Lorient Road Closure, 8/9

    Our assumption is they are explaining the detours one needs to take coming in either direction with a poor but humorous translation.

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