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Thread: Zion Chef’s Table

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    Zion Chef’s Table

    From FB:

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    Re: Zion Chef’s Table

    I might try this with friends. I like round tables for groups (hate long tables). The “chef’s table,” however, wraps around the corner of a counter, guests seated on stools, looking directly into the restaurant’s beautiful kitchen & it’s smooth operations (much like one glimpses at L’Esprit). The exquisite artistry that I’ve found at Zion unfolds in the action of its skillful & artful food prep . . . right in front of these seats. It’s theatre . . . as well as fine dining.

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    Re: Zion Chef’s Table

    Sounds amazing...can’t wait to give it a try!

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    Re: Zion Chef’s Table

    Dennis, I can be your friend.

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    Re: Zion Chef’s Table

    SNOB(Slightly North of Broad) in Charleston had a chef's table that we partook in a number of years ago, with chairs at a bar by the very open kitchen, remember excellent dining, wine, & watching the various staff/chefs 'dancing' in front of us almost as if in a ballet, Dennis It was a fun evening celebrating our anniversary. SNOB still there, head chef Frank now retired.

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    Re: Zion Chef’s Table

    Watching Jean-Claude Dufour at work in the kitchen of L’Esprit is a dining highlight for me. The meal is somehow so much better if I grab a kitchen view seat.
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    Re: Zion Chef’s Table

    Any speculation as to whether this offering may be year round?

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