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Thread: United St. Barts

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    United St. Barts

    Currently there are 25 members on this site. Every once in a while if 20% posted a thought or experience, the site would be invigorated. Something must be happening and hopefully by past experience it might be good or even exciting. Thanks

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    Re: United St. Barts

    25 members not necessary actively on the site. Once I click on the site it registers me altho I am not looking or posting.
    This is the doldrums of the summer. Posting is slow every year at this time altho you are doing a good job otherwise.


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    Re: United St. Barts

    Online Now
    22 members and 273 guests
    Dennis, amyb, andynap, dadto6, deblollar, J & M, Jim A, jima1742, KevinS, MarilynS, marybeth,PeterLynn, phil62, RJW, Ronretro, rpvb, RVBama,sandypants,

    Lot's of unregistered/hidden folks. Prob a few bots in that count.

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    Re: United St. Barts

    Agree with Andy- summer in the U.S. is the low time for the island and the Forum.

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    Re: United St. Barts

    Well, for those of us who have been traveling here for some years, it's good to be reminded that we should post. We were newbies once and should remember that our tips and insight could be useful to someone planning to come.
    I'm with Hawke, whenever you think of "our island", if you can, post.

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    Re: United St. Barts

    Participation is the lifeblood of the forum. Your thoughts help those at home or actually on island. Keep those posts coming. Your opinion, likes and dislikes matter.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: United St. Barts

    I just read two other threads that brought a smile to my face - now I know I have to go back and comment/share!

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