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Thread: Age discrimination

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    Age discrimination

    I had touted the charms of SBH to an old (not physiologically) friend, and he was ready to head on down. However, upon inquiry he was told that he could not rent a car and drive on the island because he has passed his 80th birthday. Is there any leeway on this regulation?
    Are there any of you octogenerians out there who have come up with an alternate to car rental that allows you "the freedom of the island?"

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    Re: Age discrimination

    Never heard of that.


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    Re: Age discrimination

    who told your friend this? i don't think it is a governmental regulation, but at the discretion of the business owner. apparently not uncommon to encounter some restrictions/additional requirements after age 70.
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    Re: Age discrimination

    My guess is that it might be a limitation imposed by the rental agency’s insurance carrier.

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    Re: Age discrimination

    Very interesting ... Lance says he doesn't remember ever being asked his age when he reserved a car. They have no clue until he gives them his drivers license when we pick up the car.

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    Re: Age discrimination

    I've never heard of that either. My suggestion is to contact some of the local rental companies. Here are two that I've used. I would contact both and ask if there is any age limit for renting a car.

    Good luck, and let us know how you make out.


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    Re: Age discrimination

    I wouldn’t ask. Just make my reservation with Gumbs. Odile smiles and off I go.


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    Re: Age discrimination

    We’ve used Turbe the last few times. Age is not requested at the time you book. Here is a copy of their booking form....

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    Re: Age discrimination

    Age requirements vary by country. No max age is listed for France in this source, supporting Kevin's thought this may be insurance-based. Finland has a notable max age limit:

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