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Thread: Are the ferries really equal?

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    Are the ferries really equal?

    I am heading to St. Bart's in late June, it will be our 5th trip. We have always taken the plane, but this time, I didn't book flights in time and so we will have to take one of the ferries over.

    A number of people, including the representative at our villa rental agency, have said that Voyager and Great Bay Express are "both fine." However, I have seen the photos of their boats, and the Great Bay Express "Shantiwa" looks small and old whereas the Voyager 3 "Dreamliner" looks large and new.

    Are they really "the same"?

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    Re: Are the ferries really equal?

    If it matters, Voyager 3 is a hydrofoil ferry. It's also the largest. Voyager 3 is offline for maintenance until June 21. Voyager ferries until then are being run on Voyager 2, which is a semi-planing boat. I think, but I don't know, that Shantiwa is also a semi-planing boat. My personal preference would be for the hydrofoil Voyager 3.

    Please note that any Voyager ferries out of Oyster Pond are likely wishful thinking on their part. Oyster Pond is still a mess. If you're taking a ferry, it's either Voyager out of Marigot (easier with the new bridge) or Shantiwa out of P'Burg.

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    Re: Are the ferries really equal?

    Make sure you check St Barth Commuter flights out of Grand Case too.

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    Re: Are the ferries really equal?

    I've taken the voyager ferry from Marigot. It certainly wasn't the hydrofoil. It also wasn't large or new. Typical hard use ferry. Pretty beat up. Once had guests we picked up who used the great bay ferry. It didn't look that different than the voyager ferry we had taken so I'd say they're pretty much the same unless you can get the hydrofoil.

    I'm with Tiffany though. The last flight out of ground case has been our last resort a couple of times. Never seems to be remotely full.

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    Re: Are the ferries really equal?

    What did you end up taking and how was your experience on the island?

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