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Thread: Island Photo Shoot

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    Island Photo Shoot

    Hello everyone. My first post, hope I am doing this correctly. My wife and I will be on St Barth for her birthday next week. Does anyone have any contact info/advice for a couples photo shoot on the beach? We live in a beach town and have
    many photographers who shoot family/couples sunset, beach, etc photos. Many I found on SBH are large wedding / event
    photographers. Thank you all very much in advance!

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    Re: Island Photo Shoot

    I can't give you any names myself but I think I remember a similar question being asked recently. Try putting a word or two in the "search" up in the top right corner and you may find some threads that may be helpful. My only personal experience is at Nikki Beach on Sundays we often see a photographer going around taking pictures...but I know that isn't exactly what you are looking for.

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