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    First time posting on this board...lot's of good info

    We are looking to come to SBH in late July 2019, I know it is not predictable (currents and weather)
    but are there any months when the sea grass is a more common problem on the beaches. I've read
    trip reports on this with Saline and Gouverneur, those the are two main beaches we wish to spend some
    time on

    Thank you in advance for your response

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    Welcome to the forum

    Just my opinion from reading the site (I am not there every day as some members of the forum are), but I believe the Sargassum is typically effected by the direction of the winds. I am thinking August-November are the times that it mostly shows up in abundance in the Caribbean. So you may be dealing with it on your trip.

    I will say, it can be 1' deep across an entire beach one day and then gone the next. The island is very small, so if one bean has and issue just go to another. Saline and Gouverneur are both south facing beaches so if one has an issue the other likely will as well.

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    The University of South Florida has this Sargassum Watch System website that includes satellite imagery of recent and past conditions and predictions for the Caribbean.

    Here is the distinction between sea grass and sargassum/seaweed.

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    We’ve been going late July the last few years and the sargasso has been minimal at best. As others have mentioned, it could be there one day and gone the next.

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