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Thread: Winair carry on luggage policy

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    Winair carry on luggage policy

    We are getting ready for our trip to SBH and trying to do go the carry-on suitcase route for our SXM connection down and back. Looking at Winairís baggage policy it appears they only allow 6 LBS for each carry on bag. Does Winair valet check carry on bags (like regional jet flights in the US) and pick up the bags plane side instead of baggage claim? Thanks!

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    Re: Winair carry on luggage policy

    Sort answer - Yes - very similar. Basically you carry/roll your bag to the steps of the plane and an agent puts it in the hold. When you get off in SBH - you collect it plane side...... however, every once in a while they carry it inside and put it on the carousel. Donít know about the six pound limit ...... I know there is a limit but itís more than that. We have normal sized carryon and have never had to pay $.

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    Re: Winair carry on luggage policy

    I wonder if the WinAir "carry on" weight limit is referring to the bag you are allowed to take into the plane with you? It is a tiny plane and there's really no room to store anything (the space under the seats is very small, most of the time I have to wedge my bag at my feet or even on my lap). The last two times we travelled, they took our rolling suitcase (a typical "carry on" that we stored in the overhead on our US flights), stored it in the cargo hold of the plane, and we picked it up at the St Barth baggage claim. Keep in mind that the airport is tiny, there is one small baggage claim, and you'll get your bag back less than 10 minutes after you get off the plane.

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    Re: Winair carry on luggage policy

    Exactly. It refers to items like a handbag. The roller goes in the hold.


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    Re: Winair carry on luggage policy

    Agree- anything bigger than a handbag you receive back on the tarmac after landing. Beware, sometimes there will be people weighing carry ons and a size able fee is sometimes imposed. We have been flying thru SJU for several years so don’t know if if this still can occur with Win Air. Never had the weighing issue with SBC.

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