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Thread: villa 360 degrees/panoramique

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    villa 360 degrees/panoramique

    our family of 4 is looking for a villa in late June. Has anyone stayed at Villa 360 degrees (villa panoramique) near petite cul de sac? We like this villa but not sure about location, close to roadway, noise etc. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: villa 360 degrees/panoramique

    We stayed there last May for one week with family. We rented through Happy Villa Rental. They have an office in Gustavia, Guillaume and Olivia are the Owners of Happy. Super great people to rent from, they know their Villas extremely well. Great service and you save the 10% service charge most other agencies charge in addition to 5% resort tax. Happy only charges the 5% resort tax, no service charges. Happy provides everything the other agencies do. The villa is very private, excellent condition, loaded with all the conveniences and fully air conditioned. US satellite tv. The maid is very friendly and speaks great English. You can PM if you would like more information.

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    Re: villa 360 degrees/panoramique

    Quote Originally Posted by dadto6 View Post
    . . . The villa is . . . loaded with all the conveniences . . ..
    . . . a really important & interesting point: What are “all the conveniences?” That is, what’s basic vs. nice-to-have . . . and what’s the line that goes into extravagance?

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    Re: villa 360 degrees/panoramique

    Very good point Dennis, I apologize for the subjectivity.
    Firstly, welcome to the forum 23spf.
    Please PM (private message) for detail discussion if you desire

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    Re: villa 360 degrees/panoramique

    Welcome to the Forum 23spf!
    That is a good tip regarding Happy Time rental saving the 10% commission which adds up to a lot of Euros!

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    Re: villa 360 degrees/panoramique

    This is an amazing villa with a great price. We rented November 2018 through Olivia with Happy Villa. Amazing company, amazing people. We have rented this villa again for
    our return in November/December 2019. We are so looking forward to it. The space is spectacular. We traveled as a family of 6 (My husband and I, our 2 children (5 & 11), and my inlaws. Our inlaws stayed in the main house and my husband and I shared the 2 bedrooms/bathroom in the cottage just above the pool. The house is very well equipped. It is extremely quiet and so beautiful. The maid is FABULOUS...she became part of our family for the week...feeding the fish with my kids in the little fish pond as you enter the villa. She was lovely and Happy Villa was there any minute we needed them (one time we couldnt get the speakers to work), they came right out. You will not be dissapointed!

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