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Thread: Voyager Ferry leaving out of Oyster Pond

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    Voyager Ferry leaving out of Oyster Pond

    Hello! We are excited to return to St. Barths next week with our kids and we're bring another family along with us this time!

    I purchased seats on the Voyager ferry awhile ago departing Oyster Pond and then returning to Marigot on the trip back.

    My question...are the ferries actually departing Oyster Pond? I ask because the other family spoke with their concierge who informed them that Oyster Pond has not re-opened. I've called and left a voicemail and emailed Voyager, but as I wait for their response I thought I'd ask y'all. (you always have the best answers!!)


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    Re: Voyager Ferry leaving out of Oyster Pond

    I think you may have to wait until you hear from Voyager. The last that I heard, Voyager was still only departing from Marigot, but that was a few months ago. Today, according to MarineTraffic, all departures have been out of Marigot.

    The Voyager website only shows departures out of Marigot through Friday of next week, but beginning on Saturday the 9th it also shows departures out of Oyster Pond. Either Voyager's reservation system is not up to date, or the service from Oyster Pond may be on the brink of restarting.


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    Re: Voyager Ferry leaving out of Oyster Pond

    As of this week, Marigot only.. we had friends booked from Oyster Pond last Wednesday and they got an email from the Voyager the night before changing their time and departure location... you might want to check with them directly to make sure...

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    Re: Voyager Ferry leaving out of Oyster Pond

    Thank you! I did get a reply from them as well stating that they would update me soon. Hoping the departure from Marigot is not too long of a wait! Can't wait to get to the island!

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    Re: Voyager Ferry leaving out of Oyster Pond

    Oyster Pond marina is still being rebuilt post-IRMA. Most of the docks have been destroyed by the hurricane. Voyager told us that they were about to re-start the Oyster Pond runs very soon, but the starting date is uncertain (it is not easy to organize this from a marina under construction). Safety is the primary concern (as a company, you certainly don't want to see your customers being hurt as they walk through this construction site to reach the boat); Customs is also an issue (they need PAF/immigration officers for each arrival/departure), that means having to deal with authorities to organize an office there.

    Now, as far as the total travel time is concerned: honestly, I am not sure if there is any difference when you factor in the driving time to get to Oyster Pond. I mean, except if you're already staying in a hotel in the area, the sailing time gained from Oyster Pond will probably be offset by the driving time needed to get there. Especially from SXM airport (which is exactly on the opposite side of the island).

    Assuming no traffic (which is unrealistic nowadays in St. Maarten), driving time:

    - SXM-Marigot harbor: 20 minutes
    - SXM-Oyster pond: 40 minutes

    Voyager crossing time:

    - Marigot-Gustavia: 60 minutes
    - Oyster Pond-Gustavia: 40 minutes

    Seasickness is not even a factor either, as the ride from Marigot is pretty smooth on the Leeward side (the first 20 minutes going to SBH). It starts to get bumpy abeam..... Oyster Pond...

    Cost is not a factor either, or actually, it is, as the taxi ride will be more expensive to reach Oyster Pond.

    Car rental drop-off/pick up? Not available in Oyster Pond (remember the whole marina has been wiped off); but a few options are available in Marigot...

    etc. - Proud sbhonline advertiser.


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