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Thread: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

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    February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    Still being a bit jet-lagged we took the opportunity to sleep in. We made a quick trip up the hill for croissants at Petite Columbe before driving to Pearl Beach in search of loungers before our 12:30 lunch reservation. All the chairs had been reserved, but the nice gentleman at the bar suggested we try Eden Rock or the small equipment rental spot right next door. I knew Eden Rock might be a long shot, and even if they did have something it was probably more than I wanted to pay. So next door we went and...what a great find here! We had perfectly comfortable loungers with umbrella for 45 euro - close enough to Pearl Beach to enjoy the music but far enough away to have a little space and privacy. I settled in and was ready to read one of my new books, but I was having too much fun people-watching and being entertained by some newlyweds trying out those SeaBob contraptions. They looked like so much fun, but I was content to observe from afar.

    When it was time for lunch we made the grueling two minute trek down the beach and were seated at an outer-edge banquette with a wonderful view of the water. Because we had dinner reservations at Bagatelle that evening, we decided to split a couple of appetizers, a salad and a bottle of Pouilly Fuissé. We had a great time listening to the music, watching the fashion show, and seeing the planes take off and land nearby.

    Our lunch included:
    Shrimp Tempura with kimchee mayonaise - These were very large shrimp perfectly cooked and breaded with a crunchy coating (although I wouldn't really classify it as tempura). The mayo was more like a mild aioli, which was a good thing since I don't really care for kimchee. My husband and I could have easily had another order of these.

    Tuna sashimi - It was not the best cut of tuna, but tasty just the same. It was served with your standard ponzu-type sauce, a generous amount of ginger and very mild wasabi.

    Caesar salad with chicken and bacon - This was the star of the show! I'm not a fried chicken fan or a bacon fan - but after eating this salad I may just change my tune. The chicken strips were wonderfully seasoned and juicy, the bacon extra crispy and the tangy caesar dressing was just right.

    We continued to be lazy on the beach for another hour or so, and by the time we got back to the villa we realized we needed to hurry up or be late for dinner. Such are the time constraints and scheduling difficulties you have to deal with on vacation!

    We arrived for our 7:30 reservation at Bagatelle and were seated outside on the deck next to the water. There were only two other tables occupied at that time, so it was very peaceful listening to the waves rock the boats back and forth. We were tired after our labor-intensive day at the beach, so we didn't linger too long before ordering.

    Our servers were very attentive and, since they weren't very busy, gave me the chance to practice my french. One thing I've noticed on this trip is how much English is spoken compared to our last trip in 2010. I was starting to get discouraged because whenever I'd start a conversation with someone, they'd recognize my accent and switch to English. Perhaps it's the new, younger generation who wants the practice, or <gasp!> perhaps my french isn't nearly as good as I think it is. Either way, I appreciated the opportunity to be challenged a little bit.

    We ordered:
    Salade Bagatelle - straight-forward, mixed greens simply dressed with vinaigrette and shaved parmesan.
    Sashimi Wahoo - the yuzu and fresh citrus offered a satisfying combination of taste and texture.
    Filet de Boeuf - served perfectly rare with a side of truffle mashed potatoes and a garnish of grilled, carmelized heart of lettuce. At the time I thought that this was a rather strange choice for garnish. However, days later (after purchasing lettuce at the market for lunch at our villa) I found the innermost leaves were frustratingly hard to separate. It was then I realized that the restaurant was being very smart and frugal with an item that would have been otherwise difficult to use. Extra points for creativity!
    Gigot d'Agneau - leg of lamb served with a side of creamy gnocchi. I was hoping to try this, but my husband enjoyed it so much that it was gone before I had a chance!
    Profiteroles - one of my all-time favorite desserts, and this one did not disappoint!

    We were pleasantly stuffed after such a great meal, so we took some time to walk along the edge of the harbor before returning to the villa. It was, indeed, another great day!

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    Re: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    Thanks for Chapter 2!

    Crispy Bacon - Is there a better way to enjoy bacon? I detest floppy, fatty bacon!
    Salads - There's a ubiquitous salad dressing on SBH salads which I enjoy but have never recreated at home. Note to self, ask a chef - I know several on the island!

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    Re: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    We too enjoyed those large shrimp at Pearl Beach and made the ‘laborious ‘ trek to Eden Rock and back.
    Our table at Bagatelle was also harborside and we loved the food and listening to the music from afar!
    Nice report! Thank you!

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    Re: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    Another great description of a day on St Barths. Well done and so enjoyable to read with my morning coffee.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    Very nice descriptions of a very nice day. Post on.


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    Re: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    Thank you.
    Looking forward to part 3

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    Re: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    Nice 2nd report...thanks! We will await the next installment.

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    Re: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    We have been renting from Jean Michel and Lucas next door for 30 years. Would never go anywhere else

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    Re: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    And I have the chicken Caesar every day.
    Arriving tomorrow!!!

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    Re: February 3-9 Trip Report - Part 2

    Wishing you safe travels. Getting out just before snow storm. Lucky you!


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