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Thread: What a wonderful week!

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    What a wonderful week!

    Back to the cold weather and today's snow storm but with memories of another wonderful week at SBH. Thanks to Dennis for hosting a get together at Santa Fe. It was fun to meet so many other "Insiders". Traffic and parking were tough but didn't seem any worse than last year. Restaurant prices were up but quality as good as ever. Particularly enjoyed both QG and Santa Fe. Travel both down and back was horrible but it made the stay all the nicer by contrast. Nice to add another year to 20 or so of memories.
    Best to all and happy Valentines Day.
    Bob and Helen

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    Re: What a wonderful week!

    Reality always makes Paradise memories even more special!

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    Re: What a wonderful week!

    Glad you had a wonderful stay!

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    Re: What a wonderful week!

    Bob,your weather report gives me all the more reason to keep smiling in the sun. Nice meeting you and Helen. Take care of each other and keep warm.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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