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Thread: Francois Plantation- A disappointment!

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    Francois Plantation- A disappointment!

    Of course the room remains gorgeous! The food was very good but the service- UGH! For the prices they charge the service should be the caliber of Herve and Christophe at Jean Claude’s L’Esprit!
    Valentine, our server, made a noble effort but she was overwhelmed with too many tables. There was no teamwork. We received appetizers with no silverware and had to wait a long time to ask. Our lemon soufflé for two to share for the four of us arrived to the middle of the table with no plates. We sat and watched it deflate. No one brought the machine to pay our bill and we finally walked over to the bar and paid it. Of course we did not leave a little something extra. Our only let down of the trip. Off our list for future visits!

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    Re: Francois Plantation- A disappointment!

    We ate their in January-the service was not the best and the restaurant for a Saturday night was basically empty-also very expensive--the restaurant is beautiful and they have a killer bar area-would go back for drinks but not dinner

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    Re: Francois Plantation- A disappointment!

    I felt that way as well. Unexceptional food and mediocre service. The bar experience was first class however.
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    Re: Francois Plantation- A disappointment!

    Hopefully, someone at Francois Plantation will read these post and take the necessary corrective action. An establishment can not rely upon a beautiful atmosphere and bar to compensate for poor dining service and mediocre food.

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