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Thread: Hotel for a Wedding Reception

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    Cool Hotel for a Wedding Reception

    hello all!

    I have a friend who is looking to have a wedding reception and party on the island. 40-50 guests.
    Asking all the hotel experts here (I don't usually go to, hang out at the hotels here, so don't consider myself an expert) IF you were hosting a wedding reception, which hotel on SBH would you pick?
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    Re: Hotel for a Wedding Reception

    Depending when it is . . . if it’s open, Carl,Gustaf could be quite special.

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    Re: Hotel for a Wedding Reception

    Don't know your time line or budget (but if your friend is considering a hotel on SBH, I imagine the budget is large!), but I've see pictures of what Eden Rock/the Sandbar does and it looks amazing.

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    Re: Hotel for a Wedding Reception

    The photos of the Sandbar often feature the work of a certain florist on the island, but it is a lovely place for a wedding reception, but not on Sunday afternoon when there is a lot of loud music at Nikki Beach.. we were at a wedding at Sandbar once and the noise next door was incredible...

    in general I think the beachfront hotels are nice for wedding receptions, such as Le Sereno where they have a large restaurant and outdoor area around the pool...

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    Re: Hotel for a Wedding Reception

    I saw photos of a couple from St. Tropez who were married at Le Sereno. The event was stunning on every level.
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