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Thread: THE LAST BROTHER by Andrew Gross

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    THE LAST BROTHER by Andrew Gross

    A good tale going back to 1915 of old New York. This page turner is about the early schmata, clothes, business. The laborerers ,the unions,the gangsters and the corruption that was its history.

    Murder Inc, Legs Diamond, Louie Lepke, Anastasia and Luciano to drop a few names that might ring familiar are here.
    Gross was a co-writer with the prolific James Patterson. He spins his own family’s tale quite well.
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    Re: THE LAST BROTHER by Andrew Gross

    Andy rented the house next door at the beach during his Patterson days. His daughter and mine were tight.

    I had no clue who he was. Slid the latest "Patterson" novel across the counter to me , and I immediately slid it back, saying "I don't like his stuff"...

    His response was "-but I WROTE it", to which I replied "then maybe it's YOUR stuff I don't like"

    LS still smacks me when this comes up.
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    Re: THE LAST BROTHER by Andrew Gross

    Don’t like the James Patterson books either. Too formulaic- same ol- same ol. No depth just blah. Would have had the same reaction you did.


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