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Thread: Canadians will work for room & board

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    Canadians will work for room & board

    Hi, a friend and myself are thinking of going on an aid style vacation, we are just over 50, male, single and would rather help out and meet new people then go on a typical holiday. If we were to just show up and offer help would we be welcome? Buddy is a licensed electrician Iím a 20 year Commercial SPFX & ART DIRECTOR with QuickDraw common sense & practical problem solving abilities. Both are not afraid to work.

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    Re: Canadians will work for room & board

    It is difficult to turn down volunteer help. And still after the hurricane there are those who can use it. You would have to find your own accommodations. It is a small island and is run efficiently. There would be some natural skepticism- given you are Canadian and are interested in the island, it is presumed you are French speaking? My thought is you have nothing to lose. It is a wonderful island that you would enjoy even if you do not find any volunteer opportunities. A place you might start could be at the Church in downtown Gustavia.
    Also take a look at
    Also don't know if you are familiar with the workaway program-
    Good luck and come back and post your experiences.

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    Re: Canadians will work for room & board

    You realize there are no igloo's or dog sleds, and no saying "eh" after every sentence, or God forbid, "No doubt aboot it".

    In all seriousness the world needs more Canadian's. I hope it can work for you, Stbartsshopper has given you some very good advice.

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