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Thread: November Trip Album

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    November Trip Album

    We had not been to our Flamands Blue since late last March. Weather was a little rainy at first but the island is very green.
    Flights in/out were smooth and it was great to be home here.
    Our staff is excellent but I found things to tweak about the villa which is always fun for me.
    Cata-Cup races were happening during the trip which was fun to watch.
    It's amazing how nicely the island has recovered.
    Attachment 47809
    Fortunately, we were able to connect the first day with our friend Dennis Carlton and were joined by Henry and Carole at nearby La Langouste for lunch.
    Man 49 (2).jpg
    That evening we went to the Wimco event at Tamarin which was a very nice affair with food, drinks and music then afterward met our neighbor at L' Esprit which was excellent and a very good value.
    Man 25.jpg
    We had a nice lunch at Villa Marie (the former Francois Plantation) with a gorgeous dining room and this pool which is open to lunch guests afterward...towels included.
    Man M.jpg
    One of our old favorites L Entracte. It been remodeled with a new menu that is very good.
    man aaa (2).jpg
    We spent a long afternoon at the completely remodeled Hotel Le Barthelemy in Grand Cul de Sac. We had lunch in the sand, swam the pool and viewed the beautiful spa for another time.
    Man 20.jpg
    The path to Saline Beach has been re-planted with palm trees and boulders have been placed along the route. A great deal of restoration has been done to the dunes as well.
    Man 13.jpg
    Perhaps the best fish dish on the island for me was at Santa Fe. It's always a pleasure to dine with owner David.
    aaaaaaa (3).jpg
    Heidi joined us the last few days of the trip. She loves St Barts and tells us she has retired from jumping the cliffs, though.
    Man 12.jpg
    We took advantage of some of the sales in the shops in St Jean and the sidewalk has been widened which is very nice and safer, too.
    Man 15.jpg
    We met Diana for lunch at Pearl Beach (the former LaPlage) which is beautifully re-done.
    Man E (2).jpg
    A real treat was spending the day at Hotel Manapany which is an old favorite that is SO beautiful now. General Manager Franck's staff was excellent and we love the ambiance of this place.
    Manapany 1 (2).jpg
    We all had spa treatments in rooms right off the sea.
    Man EF.jpg
    Afterward we swam the pool and watched the Cata Boats in the background.
    Man CC.jpg
    Next afternoon we lunched and watched the boats return from racing at Nikki Beach.
    Man 14 (2).jpg
    Last morning we took a long walk on Flamands and checked Cheval Blanc which was nearing the final stages of work for their December 1st opening.
    It almost never works out this way, but we scheduled Heidi's flight departure on Winair with ours on Tradewind (you get hooked on the service) which allowed us to have a leisurely lunch at Shellona on Shell Beach.
    Man 6 (2).jpg

    A great time on St Barts, we plan to return in Spring----enjoy your trips, too!
    Flamands Blue

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    Re: November Trip Album

    Great pics! I see some familiar faces...
    Looks like a wonderful trip.
    Hope to see you soon.


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    Re: November Trip Album

    You always have a great time, Jeff . . . fun to see your pictures and read the commentary. I'm glad that there was time for us to get together!

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    Re: November Trip Album

    A super photo album. Try not to wait so long between visits, Jeff as you look great and relaxed.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: November Trip Album

    Great report Jeff! Sorry to not overlap with you.

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    Re: November Trip Album

    great reporting, and it was fun to have lunch with you, Caroline, Dennis and of course my bride Carole
    Benjamin and Cliff were great hosts and the food as always was excellent
    Today is the oldest you've ever been, yet it's the youngest you will ever THE DAY

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    Re: November Trip Album

    Lovely trip report and pictures! Thanks for sharing your time on the island with us!

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    Re: November Trip Album

    Fantastic reporting. You guys were obviously busy hitting all the good spots for dining. Family after my own heart. Safe travels and wishing you another happy return ��

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    Re: November Trip Album

    Great pics, Jeff! We are anxiously awaiting our stay in your villa next year!

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    Re: November Trip Album

    I missed this when you posted it, Jeff. Well done as usual.

    Happy Holidays!

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    Re: November Trip Album

    Fabulous photo journalism, Jeff! I am happy to see you look so well and relaxed and it's great to see the island so alive compared to this time last year. It will not be the same without you, Caroline and Heidi on our annual "best day of the year" Bucket yacht chase in March. I hope you are there.
    Liberté, Égalité, Sororité

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    Re: November Trip Album

    Great news on Le Barthelemy- feet in sand. Don’t recall if it was that way before. Happy the sidewalk was widened. Nice report about Manapany. Hope no one destroys the trail out to Saline as in the past. All in all sounds like your visit was perfect!

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    Re: November Trip Album

    Hopper, a pic of toes in the sand @Le Barthelemy...beautiful dining at lunch.
    Flamands Blue

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