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Thread: Hiver 2019

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    Hiver 2019

    I'm starting to get the feeling that being on Saint-Barth for high season 2019 might have an extra special allure. I'm thinking of the reopening of a number of major hotels (with their dining and lounging amenities), probably bigger and better than ever, and enough passage of time since EarMa for island flora to have very substantially recovered.
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    Re: Hiver 2019

    The island is green and the plant life is thriving with the rain showers that come day or night. It will be good to have new destinations to visit once the hotels are back.
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    Re: Hiver 2019

    Our favorite time - it is like spring in the midwest- the opening of beautiful flowers and the green returns! In Ouanalao it is the Hotels, restaurants, shops that are opening as we speak. Exciting time on the island!

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