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Thread: Construction in Lorient

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    Construction in Lorient

    The construction on the bridge has begun in Lorient. It appears it will be going for a bit. While there are detours in both directions they are not immediately obvious. One direction you can go behind the cemetery the other direction by the church.

    just be prepared for traffic...

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    Re: Construction in Lorient

    Thanks for the head's up!
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    Re: Construction in Lorient

    It’s a mess! Particularly at night, when it’s difficult to see the unfamiliar route.

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    Re: Construction in Lorient

    Quote Originally Posted by cec1 View Post
    Itís a mess! Particularly at night, when itís difficult to see the unfamiliar route.
    Yes our dinner guests needed to get from Claire to Les Basses in order to do that they had to leave Claire and head south then go to St. Jean and then back to Lorient. Quite a drive for someplace thatís so close.
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    Re: Construction in Lorient

    I bashed the side of my car there, and when I turned it in, someone had just turned their car in with the same gash from the same spot.

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