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Thread: Like a drunk Friday night

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    Like a drunk Friday night

    Two weeks flew by like a drunk Friday night- thanks Zack Brown- but that is what exactly is happening to us here in St. Barts! Been meaning to give a short report on the trip so far…
    No problems flying from Wilmington, NC to St Marteen. Met by SBC and all was smooth flying into St Barts. Rental car from Gumbs- and viola- off we are to our 2 month stay.
    This is our first time back since Irma, and I’m pleased to say the island is in good shape. Sure, there is construction on the big hotels that got hit hard, but people are working hard to restore those properties. There is a true sense of community and rebuilding happening.
    We have never been here at this time of the year, and frankly, we love it. No one, and I mean, no one on the beaches. Memories of the 80’s and 90’s. The weather has been splendid. Constant breeze, quick cool off afternoon showers, and glorious nights. Did I mention the moon? Or being here for the world cup with France winning? All very spectacular. I digress—
    This time we are staying in Pt. Milou at Villa Sunrise-Sunset., and it lives up to the name. Great location. We are celebrating the BIG birthdays for us- both in July- so why not St Barts? Location, location, location. Not to mention food, shopping, beaches, did I mention food?
    We are in the food industry, so coming here gives us the opportunity to shop and cook, as well as, eat some incredible food. Our favorite, Bananiers—whoppee – Muelles and Frittes, Bouchon, hamburger(hell I am a southern girl) very good, Quartier General—holy crap—great location, setting, service, and well the food was memorable enough for me to text a fellow chef while still wallowing in the flavors.
    Just in case this hasn’t bored you enough—daily life in St Barts—great coffee in the morning (thank you hubby) a quick run to the boulangerie for the daily croissants, a packed lunch- which beach to sun and swim- maybe a trip to the Marche U for dinner items- squeeze in a nap, dinner-either in or out- and then pool time to watch the sea and sky….and it will continue….

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    Re: Like a drunk Friday night

    Sounds like a wonderful start to a great birthday celebration! And two months! WOW . . . that's especially nice. I agree . . . summer months are quite special. Enjoy!

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    Re: Like a drunk Friday night

    Keep having fun.
    Remember Yesterday, Dream About Tomorrow, But Live Today.

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    Re: Like a drunk Friday night

    Thank you for taking time to post. I love reading about everyone's adventures. Brings me close to paradise when I am not there. Wishing you a continued great time!!!!

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    Re: Like a drunk Friday night

    Nice first report! Relax, enjoy and happy big birthdays to you both! And a two month’re lucky ducks!! Villa sunrise-sunset has been on our short list for a while - it’s a beauty for sure. Will look forward to your upcoming posts.

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