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Thread: Searching for La Gloriette Rhum

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    Searching for La Gloriette Rhum

    I know La Gloriette is currently closed, but does anyone happen to know where I might be able to buy some bottles of their rhum on SBH? We used to go direct to the source or get it from the market in Lorient. I'll soon be on the island and need my nightly rhum coco drink!

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    Re: Searching for La Gloriette Rhum

    Marché U has it. And I’m not sure that Alberts Rum Shack is closed.


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    Re: Searching for La Gloriette Rhum

    You should be able to find it at most of the grocery stores. Recently they had it at the Marche U in St Jean and the AMC in Gustavia. Cheers!


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